5 Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas

5 Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen organization—it’s a goal everyone wants to achieve. However, it can also be a difficult goal to reach, because getting and staying organized in any room is tough! Fortunately, with the right attitude, the right tools, and a few name labels, you can have a perfectly organized kitchen. Here are some creative ideas to help you get started.

  1. Label everything you can label — This doesn’t mean add a label to canned foods. This just means add labels to containers, such as those for sugar and coffee. Use festive, pretty labels for your containers—you can even keep the labels seasonal by changing them out with each passing season. You can also take a large board, paint it black, add hooks and labels, and hang all of your measuring utensils on the board. Hang the board on the wall, and you have neat, organized access to measuring spoons and cups, without ever having to dig through a drawer. Labeling is also a good idea for children’s cups and dishes.
  2. Sort out the junk drawer — It is spring, so there is no better time to do some spring cleaning on the ever-present junk drawer. Add a simple divider to the drawer to help you sort out various items. You can even make your own dividers with small pieces of wood that you can paint in bright, cheerful colors. A small tackle box with the lid removed will give you numerous spaces in all sizes where you can sort and store your junk items.
  3. Clean up the fridge — Organizing the fridge is more than just tossing out old food. Invest in a few cheap containers made of clear plastic, and you can organize every shelf. For example, use one container for yogurts, another for juice boxes, and another for cheese sticks. You will see at a glance when you are getting low on certain items—and your fridge will look amazing. The containers will also keep messes to a confined area.
  4. Put lids in their place — Everyone has storage containers, and everyone winds up with a cabinet full of loose lids. To combat this messy problem, use a dish drainer to store all of your lids. The design of a drainer will allow you to stack lids on their sides—like plates—keeping them separate and easy to find.
  5. Use all available space — Instead of wasting space, especially in a smaller kitchen, make use of every inch. The inside of your cabinet doors is ideal for a small, mountable container or rack. Here, you can keep your spices organized and easy to find. A magazine rack mounted on the inside of a cabinet is perfect for storing larger items, such as aluminum foil. You can even hang your cleaning supplies, such as brooms and mops, on the inside of large cabinet doors.

Now that you have some creative ideas to kick-start your organization goals, you will soon have the neat, organized kitchen you always wanted.

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