8 Fun Tips to Help You Choose a Baby Name

8 Fun Tips to Help You Choose a Baby Name

When you are expecting a new arrival to your family, it can be lots of fun trying to come up with the perfect name. Do you choose something completely original? Do you choose an old family name? Once you choose a name, you can use our name labels to ensure that your little one’s belongings never get lost. Until then, here are eight fun tips about names that you probably didn’t know — perhaps you will get your inspiration from this list!

  1. Locations — People are still following the trend of naming children after locations, such as Milan, Brooklyn, and Memphis. You can choose a location that means something special to your heart, or you can choose one that just sounds cool.
  2. Combos — When you struggle to find the perfect name, consider combining two names into one. Names like Jennemiah and Gracelyn are just two examples of unique combination names. Be creative — maybe you can combine your name with your spouse’s name!
  3. Rhymes — Many parents find it fun to make the names of their children rhyme. For instance, Ella and Bella, or Jayden and Kayden. Have fun with your rhymes, but make sure the names are good ones.
  4. Books — If you are struggling for inspiration, consider the name of your favorite character in a novel. If you aren’t big on books, then go for the next best thing — movies! If unique is what you want, though, you need to avoid the “big” names in books and moves, such as Bella (from Twilight) and Grey (from 50 Shades of Grey).
  5. Musical artists — Many artists have found their fame in the name game, including Rhianna and Britney. You can always go through your list of favorite artists and choose the best one — but you may want to rethink Elvis!
  6. Other artists — Don’t limit yourself simply to music. Consider your favorite movie stars and your favorite artists, such as painters and sculptors. The world can always use another Picasso or Rembrandt.
  7. Classics — You can always opt for the classic names of yesterday, such as George (the royal baby’s name) or Robert. These names were quite popular in the 1950s, so why not give them a comeback? Keeping a name simple and sweet is sometimes the way to go.

Whatever name you choose, whether it’s a popular character or the name of your great-great-grandmother, make sure it is a name that appeals to you. You want to give your child a name that you love, one that hopefully he or she will love, too. Yet, you also want to give your baby a name that means something special.

Take your time when choosing a baby name. Talk over the options with family and friends. Make it fun, and post a poll on your Facebook page, so everyone can help you choose. Or, keep it personal and special, and choose the name only with your spouse. As long as it’s a name you love, all will be well.

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