Allergy Labels

Allergy Labels

If you, your child, or another loved one has a severe allergy, you have likely run into the difficulty of letting people know in a manner that is clear and concise. With It’s Mine Labels’ allergy name labels, though, this is now easy to do.

Allergy labels indicate the name of the owner of the label and clearly show the allergy they have, with a red circle and cross through it over the object, and the words “No ____,” depending on the allergy. The allergies currently available are nuts, eggs, dairy, seafood, and gluten, and up to two lines of text can be included on the label. These are stick-on, so that they can be attached to cups, plates, sippy cups, and other smooth, hard dishes and utensils like these.

The labels are waterproof, tear-proof, and stay on even in the dishwasher and microwave. They are ideal for baby bottles, lunch boxes, cups, school supplies, school lockers and cubbies, and medication dispensers. You can attach them as clothing name labels, to be extra safe. They are two by three-fourths of an inch in size, currently cost $20 for 40 labels, and come in name labels for kids designs.

We understand how scary food allergies can be, particularly if the person with an allergy is your elderly loved one or your child, and you aren’t able to monitor what they eat all day long. These labels significantly decrease the possibility that someone will accidentally give your loved one a food that they are significantly allergic to throughout the day, and also give you added peace of mind while you are away from them.

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