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The Perfect Labels for Handmade Items

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Whether creating new pieces for a boutique or making handmade garments for loved ones, custom woven labels offer the perfect final touch. Personalizing your handmade items with this charming add-on increases their value, and with numerous styles to choose from across lettering, colors, and icons, there’s sure to be a personalized option that works best for you! 

Distinguished Garments

Having a unique and captivating clothing label is important for small businesses because it helps to build brand recognition. A woven label with a distinct color combination or icon portrays a message of specialty with regards to the garments. This, in turn, sets them apart from competitors and enhances the value of the brand.  

Thoughtful Gifts 

For those who enjoy making handmade gifts for that special someone, attaching a specialized label adds a thoughtful finishing touch, letting the wearer know their garment was made with love. Labels can be used for clothing accessories like hats or scarves and even home decor, such as a custom-made towel set. Whether you need a smaller, more delicate sewing label or a larger, bolder design, there is a large range of size options to choose from at It’s Mine! Labels.  

Avoiding the Lost & Found

On a more practical level, custom labels are useful in preventing theft or loss of items and can even help with identification. Iron-on clothing labels are ideal for senior citizens, whether in a nursing home or senior living community, where items can get mixed up between residents. Having labels on all clothing will ensure the residents return with all of the items with which they entered. In an emergency situation, having a custom label with a telephone number inside the individual’s garment could assist emergency responders in getting in contact with the family too. Woven sewing labels are ideal for non-heat resistant fabrics, and can also be removed easily, when necessary. 

Likewise, kids clothing labels are an easy, convenient option for parents to help kids keep track of their clothing and other items when at school or away from home. Contrasting colors are recommended for this purpose, so the text is easily legible.  

Knowing that all labels from It’s Mine! Labels are high quality, with an extensive range of product offerings, there’s no reason not to label your items. Creativity is encouraged when creating your order, so contact us today!

Need Clothing Tags For Someone With Sensitive Skin? There Are Options.

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For those of us with sensitive skin, purchasing new apparel is always a bittersweet experience. As much as you love your new shirt, sweater, hoodie, or whatever garment it may be, you know you can’t wear it until you take a pair of scissors to the clothing tag. Only then will you find relief from the itchy or painful sensation that traditional clothing tags leave behind. To add insult to injury, some clothing tags have two, three, or even four layers!

Custom clothing tags are essential for brands, but are equally as important for identification, especially for older parents and children who rely on personalized tags to keep their belongings safe and organized.

The solution for those with sensitive skin who need to keep track of clothes is to replace the irritating brand label with a simple and smooth personalized tag.

Here at It’s Mine! Labels, we understand the importance of a high-quality comfortable clothing tags, and we have a few suggestions: 

  • Iron-On Satin Label: What makes our iron-on satin labels the top choice? They are thin, soft, attractive, and come with rounded corners that don’t prick. In fact, satin is a great material for those with sensitive skin or skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, etc. 
  • Iron-On Standard Label: Another alternative, the iron-on standard label, is also very smooth, has rounded corners, and will not irritate the skin. This option is great for general use. 
  • Iron-On Fun Label: Children always want a little pizzazz when it comes to their clothes. Enter the iron-on fun label — a super smooth and soft label that can be personalized with fun designs and colors. 
  • Iron-On Letter Transfers: For labels worn directly against the skin — socks, underwear, etc. — iron-on letter transfers are the best option. They transfer smoothly onto cotton and a variety of different smooth plain fabrics. 
  • Stick-On Fun Clothing Label: Pop one of these personalized labels onto the care label on the inside seam of a garment, and it won’t touch the neck or waistline! They are available in tons of different designs. 

For extra durability, you can sew the iron-on labels onto clothing with hypoallergenic thread or opt for our sew-on labels instead. These are perfect for fleece fabrics such as sweatshirts, jackets, knitted items, and more. 

Pro Tip: Consider putting your new personalized tag in a non-traditional spot, such as the hem,  if the neckline is an issue. 

We hope these tips will help you find relief from itchy or downright painful clothing tags. Contact It’s Mine! Labels, a leading maker of personalized fabric labels, to learn more. 

The Best Clothing Labels for Winter Garments & Accessories

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The winter weather is quickly approaching! Many of us are digging out our warmest fleece sweaters, puffy jackets, fuzzy socks, knitted scarves, and more to stay warm in the cold outdoors. But between putting on our winter gear when heading outside and taking them off as we enter a toasty room, there’s ample opportunity for things to get lost. If you’re tired of replacing your kids clothes, whether they are in pre-k or college, we have just the solution for you!

It’s Mine! Labels has a wonderful selection of personalized labels to help you keep track of your winter garments and accessories. 

Purchase our best-selling online custom woven labels, iron-labels, and stick-on labels just in time for the holiday season today!

5 Easy Winter Accessories Everyone Can Knit

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As the temperatures continue to fall, now is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your favorite craft: knitting. 

Whether you enjoy expanding your closet with new accessories or you’re getting a head start on hand making some holiday gifts, the following list of winter accessories has been curated by your friends at It’s Mine! Labels, makers of high-quality customized labels for clothing, which are perfect for everyone — beginners and experts alike — to enjoy!

But, of course, don’t forget to put the finishing touch on your new project! Browse woven and sew-on clothing name tags on our website today, or contact us for more information. 


Make Sure Your Personal Items Always Make Their Way Back to You with Identification Labels

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Autumn draws closer each day, which means it’s time to start preparing for what’s to come. For parents and children, it means delving into back-to-school season head-on. For seniors, it means gearing up for the colder weather.

No matter who you are, identification labels play an important role in keeping track of personal items, especially during this fall season. Let’s find out how you can use identification labels in your daily life.  

Snap it On Your Clothing

It’s almost, but not quite, time to bundle up! As the temperatures continue dropping slowly but surely, now is the perfect time for seniors to prepare their fall wardrobe using snap-on, stick-on, or iron-on labels. 

Our selection of identification labels will help elderly loved ones keep track of their clothing if they are forgetful or if they live in a senior home and don’t want their clothes to get mixed up with someone else’s. Our clothing labels for seniors are easy to apply and designed not to irritate sensitive skin. 

Kids’ clothing labels can be particularly useful for students who are leaving their homes to go to daycare or school during these strange first few days of autumn when the mornings are cool enough to require double layers, but afternoons are warm enough to shed the hoodie or fleece.

Tie it On Your Backpack

Is your child headed back to daycare or school this semester? Although every facility takes precautions to keep children safe and organized, kids will be kids. Their backpack, sports bag, or instrument case is sure to get mixed up with someone else’s sooner or later. Bag tags are a fun and simple way to keep track of your child’s belongings. Simply tie on the handle of the bag, and voilà! Plus, they help ensure that a lost bag will always find its way home. 

Stick it On Your Personal Items

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to keep personal items…well, personal! If your children are heading back to school and interacting with others, make sure you provide them with an easy way to keep track of their supplies. Stick-on labels are the perfect way to do so! They can be applied to almost anything, including:

To learn more about different types of identification labels or purchase bag tags, snap-on clothing tags, stick-on labels, and more, just contact us today.