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The Best Clothing Labels for School

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Getting children prepared to go back to school can be a huge task. Especially because these days, virtually all schools and day care centers require that clothing and other personal items are labeled clearly so that if they are misplaced or lost, they can be returned to their rightful owner. This can prevent a lot of anxiety in children, and can even be a timesaver. Depending on your child’s age, they may need more of their items labeled than others. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently used items for which you may need clothing labels for school.

  • School uniforms
  • School supplies
  • Sports clothing and equipment
  • Jackets, gloves and scarves
  • Sippy cups and baby bottles
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.
  • Socks, underwear, t-shirts, etc.
  • Towels and bedding
  • Toiletries
  • Books, journals, etc.
  • Music cases
  • Cleats, sneakers, dance shoes, etc.
  • Backpacks and lunch cases

The best clothing labels for school are durable, comfortable, and maybe even reusable. For labels that go inside clothing, comfort is most important. When kids need to label things that show, like water bottles, music cases, and lunch boxes, they are usually more agreeable when the labels are cute and reflect their personal style or interests!

Choose the Best Clothing Labels for School

Iron-on clothing labels

These labels save time because they require very little equipment and can be attached quickly. Our labels are durable and com in a variety of sizes and styles. We suggest trying out:

Sew-on labels

Here is another good choice, because they can be used again and again. We suggest:

Stick-on labels

These also work well because they are easy to apply and can last in the laundry. Here is our suggestion for the best stick-on clothing labels for school.

You might need to have stick-on labels that are not for fabric. We also have stick-on labels for dishes, books, and other items like these. Here are some good labels for hard, smooth surfaces:

Sometimes a Value Pack is the best deal as they will contain a combination of labels – some for clothes and some for personal items. Buying a value pack lets you get all the labels you will need in one quick purchase.

For any further advice on the best labels for school, please just ask us – we are always happy to help! For all of the ways you can contact us, visit here, or simply consult our frequently asked questions page.

Family Labels

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family label

Families share almost everything, but there are plenty of times when you and your family members need to make sure you know which items belong to what person. Whether it’s your daughter’s favorite sweater, your twins’ hockey jerseys or your mother’s handbag, having your family’s belongings clearly labeled can help cut down on arguments – so your loved ones don’t lose the items you gave them when they left the house. The bigger your family is, the more possessions you have. That means, more opportunities for confusion. That’s why It’s Mine! Labels helps organize your family with labels and name tags for virtually any need you have.

Here’s a quick rundown of how we can help get your family organized.

Labels for Kids

Kids need so many items, but they’re not always the best at keeping track of them all. Between school, sports and activities, children are always on the go. It’s Mine! Labels can help your kids keep tabs on their coats, jackets, lunchboxes, sporting equipment, etc. – with attractive, durable labels that let anyone know at a glance to whom it belongs. With our wide assortment of stick-on, iron-on and sew-in kids’ labels, your children will be much more likely to bring back everything they take with them to school, day camp or any other excursion.

Labels for Seniors

Whether seniors live independently or in assisted care, it can be difficult for them at times to keep track of their belongings. However, labels from It’s Mine! Labels can help seniors prevent losing their clothing and other belongings, or mislaying them in a communal living setting. With our durable and versatile labels, you can rest assured that your loved ones will have their cherished possessions near them at all times.

Labels for Everyone

Whether you’re a crafter or just someone who needs to keep your closet organized, It’s Mine! Labels has a solution to help you. With customizable stick-on labels, iron-on labels and sew-in labels, we can provide name tags and labels that will stand up to whatever your belongings go through during your busy everyday life. What’s more, our labels will ensure that you and everyone else will always know which items are yours.

If your family could use some help getting organized, check out everything It’s Mine! Labels has to offer and learn how we can help you.

Tips For Selecting The Best Thread To Sew On Labels

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and sew-on labels are only as strong as the sewing thread used to attach them. Whether you’re sewing labels into clothing to mark your own fashion brand or simply because you want to make sure your child never loses his or her sweater at school, knowing which thread is best for the item of clothing as well as the label can mean the difference between a label that holds in place and one that comes off in the wash and is lost forever.

Sewing threads are available in a wide range of materials and thicknesses, and not all threads are right for all types of fabrics and all types of labels. A thread’s thickness usually is marked by a number. Although there are many numbering systems used in the sewing industry, typically the higher the number is, the thicker the thread will be. Sewing thread also comes in a variety of materials, such as cotton, polyester and silk.

You first instinct may be to look for a thread that matches the color of your garment and the label as closely as possible. Although color can be important if you want the stitching to be more or less invisible, there are other factors you should consider when choosing a thread. The wrong thread can unravel or even damage the garment over time.

How to Choose the Right Sewing Thread

Here are a few general tips to follow when choosing thread for a sew-on label:

  • Cotton threads work best for materials that have little or no stretch to them, but polyester threads are best for sewing labels onto materials that are stretchy. Polyester threads have some stretch, making them a better fit for fabrics that have a bit of give to them.
  • Choose a finer cotton or silk thread when sewing labels onto delicate woven fabrics such as those used in lingerie or sheer garments. Thicker or coarser threads can cause damage to these more delicate materials.
  • Double-check to make sure that the thread you want to use is suitable for sewing machines, if you’re planning on using one. Otherwise, sew the label by hand with a needle if the thread isn’t appropriate for a sewing machine.
  • Thicker, coarser materials require a thicker thread to ensure that the thread won’t unravel as the garment is put through its daily stresses.
  • The color of your thread is not as important, but it still should be a concern. If the exact shade of thread to match your garment is not available, try to find a thread that is a shade or two darker. Lighter shades of thread will make the stitching appear much more obvious and potentially harm the garment’s appearance.

No matter what reason you have for using sew-in labels in your garments, you want them to stay put. That means choosing the thread that not only looks best when used in the garment, but also works best with the particular fabric of the garment. The next time you purchase sew-on labels from It’s Mine! Labels, take a moment to think about the type of thread you’ll be using to attach them to your clothing. You don’t want the thread you choose to be the weakest link in your garments.

What Are The Best Clothing Labels?

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For families sending a loved one out into a group environment — whether it’s getting kids ready for school or helping an elderly family member adjust to an assisted living situation — one of the most important things they will need to do is make sure their loved ones’ belongings are properly identified. Here at It’s Mine! Labels, people are always asking us which types of clothing labels are best for these situations where they need to label individual items of clothing or personal belongings with the names of their loved ones. It’s a question we get a lot, and it’s one that we’re more than happy to answer.

The simple answer is that there’s no better place to find clothing labels for every need and situation than It’s Mine! Label – we have a suitable label or tag for virtually everything. Our personalized clothing tags and labels are the perfect choice for families, crafters and small businesses that need to add a personal touch to their clothing and belongings. We have a wide selection of sew-in labels, iron-on labels and other types of personalized clothing labels — all offered in an extensive array of colors, designs and icons to help customers find the precise match for whatever they need. Yet with so many types of labels to choose from, it can be difficult for families trying to select the right type of clothing label for their loved ones’ exact situation. For kids entering school, a colorful personalized label with a fun design might be desired, but for adults in senior living, a durable easy-to-read custom label would be more appropriate. If you’re in need of clothing labels but don’t quite know where to begin, here are some tips to help you make the most informed decision.

Choosing Clothing Labels for Kids

Kids can enter school with a lot of anxieties. They may be concerned about making friends, being separated from their families or getting good grades. Parents of kids entering school have a lot of anxieties, too. For example, they may be worried that their kids will come home from school with less of their belonging than they left the house with in the morning. Younger kids especially aren’t always good about keeping an eye on their belongings. In the fun and excitement of the school day, their valuable clothes, coats, backpacks and other essential belongings can be mixed up with their classmates’ things, and even left behind altogether. Having all of those items labeled can be a big help for getting those lost and misplaced items returned.

We generally recommend tagless labels or our smooth printed iron-on clothing labels for kids’ clothing and belongings because they’re easy to apply and many kids don’t like the feeling of a clothing tag on the backs of their necks. Our standard iron-on labels can be emblazoned with your child’s name, homeroom number or any other vital information you want. We also offer “fun” labels that feature a wide selection of colors or kid-friendly designs. For clothing that has a satin care tag, we have a small clothing label that simply sticks to this – and stays on in the wash! For other types of belongings, such as pencil cases and lunchboxes, It’s Mine! Labels also offers a wide variety of water proof stick-on clothing labels for school that are durable enough to stay on even when put through the dishwasher. Plus, these labels are still colorful and customizable to help your child express his or her identity.

Choosing Clothing Labels for Seniors

Helping an elderly family member transition to senior living can be difficult for many families, but it can help to know that your elderly loved one’s clothing and belongings are labeled with his or her name and other vital information. The nature of communal living means personal items can be mixed and confused easily. That’s why It’s Mine! Labels offers numerous types of clothing labels for seniors to help keep their belongings from being misplaced or lost.

For adult clothing, we recommend a label that is easy to read, but is tough enough for the nursing home laundry. Our trusted iron on printed labels are very popular, but our woven clothing labels can offer a more traditional feel for older customers. These embroidered labels are available as sew-in labels or iron-on labels, depending on your application preference. The iron on labels apply in seconds, but the sew-on labels can easily be removed if required. If you don’t know how to sew, you can take them to a seamstress or tailor to have them sewn into the clothing.

Your Best Source for Clothing Labels

At It’s Mine! Labels, we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality clothing labels for a variety of applications. Our extensive selection of styles and customization options means you’re more than likely to find exactly what you want. Whether you have children entering school, elderly relatives transitioning to senior living or both, It’s Mine! Labels can help take away the worry of keeping their belongings from being lost or misplaced. Take a look around our website and find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what you need. Our friendly staff members are also available to give advice over the telephone during office hours.

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A valuable family investment – labels for school!

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Most parents are aware that schools and day care centers require that clothing and other personal belongings be labeled clearly so that if they are lost or mislaid, they can be returned to their rightful owner.  And most parents and caregivers dread the chore of having to label everything that leaves the house!  We try to make it easy for families.

Using personalized clothing labels for kids can really help them avoid the anxiety of unintentional mix-ups, and most importantly ensure that valuable clothes, shoes, sports equipment and more come home at the end of the day.

Image result for school lost and found


For most clothing, such as cotton shirts, pants, undershirts, etc. a smooth iron in label is ideal. They are discreet, but easy to spot inside clothing.  An iron on label is often considered a perfect solution as they are quick and easy to apply, and will stay on in aggressive laundry situations.

If certain items have a satin care label inside them (often found on a seam) a personalized stick on clothing label can be a wonderful choice.  These are simply pressed onto a care label and will stay on in the washing machine and dryer.

For sweaters, fleece and other items that do not have a smooth surface, a sew on label would be perfect.  Sew on labels can be produced with the students name embroidered onto it, giving a more elegant look to an item.  With a quick stitch in each corner of the label, these will also stay on in the laundry, and can be removed if necessary.

For lunch boxes, water bottles, sports equipment, and other items with a hard smooth surface, a waterproof stick on label works very well.  Again, with the students name clearly printed on the label, any misplaced items can easily be returned to the rightful owner.

If a family isn’t sure how many labels they will need, a durable laundry marker with some blank stick on and iron labels might be a good solution.

And for the family that would like their school- or college-age children to label their own belongings, our Snappy Tag system is very popular! Very easy and fun to use.

Make a small investment in personalized clothing labels (starting at $16), and your new valuable purchases will not end up in the Lost & Found bin.

For more advice on the best labeling solutions for students, please call our office at (866) 695-2235 and the staff will be delighted to assist you.