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Clothing Labels for Kids

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There are many different things to consider when searching for clothing labels for kids, from making sure they are subtle to making sure they don’t itch. Here are some label options to consider that address typical kid complaints about labels.

  • Iron-on Ink Transfers are a good option if your child has sensitive skin since there are no edges or extra threads. These labels don’t cause any extra irritation and are durable enough to last through many trips in the washing machine.
  • Custom woven labels, as with many of our other labels, can be designed in a manner that is subtle enough not to cause your child embarrassment if their friends see the labels. Use softer colors for the fabric and thread so that they are noticeable but don’t stick out.
  • If your child is easily embarrassed, consider attaching the labels to unobtrusive parts of their garments. For instance, just inside the shirtsleeve instead of inside the neck, or on the bottom of the garment by the hem. This way, the labels can still be found if your child leaves their clothes somewhere, but they won’t be noticeable if someone isn’t searching for them.

Name Labels

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If your kids are actively involved in sports, they may have a difficult time keeping track of which uniform is there’s. After all, over a dozen other kids have the exact same articles of clothing, and they don’t usually keep a super close eye on which ones belong to them in the changing room. Many parents experience the same frustration of lost clothing when their kids go to summer camp, change in the PE lockers at school or when their elderly loved ones get Alzheimer’s or dementia.

This frustration can be avoided by labeling their clothing with their name, but permanent markers can be embarrassing. Instead of labeling the existing labels with pen, add a new custom name label to your loved ones’ clothing. If these new labels are noticed at all it will be with admiration because they are visually attractive and unique.

A variety of fonts, styles and colors are available, so design your custom name labels today and avoid irritation at lost clothing items tomorrow.

Stuck Like Glue

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One of the components that makes up a good label is its ability to stay on and maintain its appearance over time and through many washes. Whether the labels are our iron on clothing labels, sew-on labels, or stick on labels, we have focused on durability in designing them, meaning that the labels you put on will stay on.

Many labels that are commercially available have been designed well but have sub-par adhesive quality, meaning the corners begin to come loose or the entire label peels off after a few runs through the washing machine. This can be incredibly frustrating, and, if you are running a small clothing business, it can be detrimental to your business.

Having used our own labels on many of our clothing products ourselves, we can assure you that they stay on well. When ordering labels from us, you can be sure that once they are stuck, they will stay stuck unless you intentionally remove them.

Get Started With a Value Pack

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Whether you are looking to start your own small clothing business, are trying to find a way for your child to keep track of their belongings or you need fun labels for your crafts, It’s Mine Labels has the creative, attractive labels you are looking for. To help you get started, we offer value packs with different numbers and types of labels, including stick-on labels, shoe labels, mini labels, iron-on labels, bag tags and more.

Each of our packs costs between $25 and $59, and ships between 7 and ten days after you place your order. Some of the packs include the fun school/camp pack, which has an assortment of labels perfect for labeling all of your child’s belongings so they can keep track of them at camp, the fun starter pack, which has stick-on labels, shoe labels, stick-on clothing labels and a fun bag tag, and the original value pack which has a little bit of everything.
Browse our value packs to find the perfect pack for you today.

Uses for Stick on Labels

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The most common surface that people label using stick on labels from It’s Mine Labels are hard, smooth surfaces, such as pill boxes, Sippy cups or iPods. These labels can be useful for labeling many other objects too. Here are a few of our favorite uses for stick on labels.

  • If your child has friends who have the same shoes, or two of your kids have the same shoes, stick on labels are perfect for keeping the shoes and shoe owners straight. The labels are moisture and tear proof, so simply stick them inside the shoe on the sole and then keeping each child shoe’s straight will be easy.
  • You can add a stick on label to the tags already sown into cloths to help your children or elderly loved ones keep track of their clothes. This saves you the trouble of having to iron or sew on a new label.
  • Order longer labels that can be stuck on to pens or other small items that are easy to lose. This way, when your children let their friends borrow pens, they always get them back.