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Unique Uses for Labels

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In addition to labeling new clothing, linens and accessory items that are for sale, the wide selection of labels from It’s Mine Labels can be put to many different creative uses. Here are a few of the best unconventional uses for labels that we have found.


  • Attach labels to the collars of your kids’ clothes when they go away to college. This way if they leave something in the laundry room or if someone borrows something, there’s no doubt about whom the clothes belong to. A label is slightly more lasting and creative than simply writing in their name with a sharpie.


  • If you own a pet and don’t like hearing the sound of clanking pet tags every time your animal runs through the house, sew a label onto his or her collar with their name and your contact information in case your pet gets lost.  They are also ideal for dog beds, blankets, and their other valuable belongings.


  • Young children are constantly losing things. Sew a label onto your elementary school child’s backpack and lunchbox. This way if they lose either, they can be easily identified and returned.

Get That Classic Look

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If you are looking for a label that gives your items a more classic look, the selection of sew-on woven labels from It’s Mine Labels are ideal. These labels can be personalized to lend your item a traditional, beautiful hand-made feel, whether you are looking to put the finishing touch on linens, clothes, accessories or other items for your store or loved ones.

The sew-on labels are available in a variety of styles: Classic Woven Labels, Designer Woven Labels and Woven ID labels.  These labels can accommodate one to three lines of text depending on which style you choose. A large range of colors, fonts, icons and sizes is available so that you can design a label that is absolutely perfect for your items.

The labels are especially ideal if you have handmade products, since it’s hard to beat the classic look that sew-on labels provide, so begin designing your label here today.

More Creative Uses for Stick On Labels

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In our last blog, we gave you tips for how to creatively use the extra It’s Mine Labels stick-on labels that you have lying around your home. Here are a few more tips to add to that list.

  1. If your child’s school or another charitable organization organizes a raffle that requires you to put your information onto each raffle ticket, you can easily do so by attaching an extra stick-on label. This way you don’t have to try to find a pen or worry about watching your kids while entering your information.
  1. If you order blank labels, you can use them for almost anything by quickly penning in the information you need on them, such as names of guests at a party you are hosting or your child’s name to label their items when they go to camp.
  1. Label your CD’s and other discs by simply adding the information under what is on the label, or crossing out the information if it is no longer relevant and writing the new information over it.

Creative Uses for Stick On Labels

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You’ve labeled your elderly loved one’s pill boxes, your scrapbooking tubs and your child’s Sippy cups, so now what can you do with the leftover stick on labels you have? Here are a few creative ideas to use up all of your It’s Mine Labels stick-on labels.

  1. Use them as “this book belongs to” labels. This way, when your friend borrows your book or children accidentally drop their own book in the return slot at the library, you will easily get it back.
  1. Stick on labels can be used as personalized gift tags. Instead of attaching a to/from label or a small card, use your stick on labels to convey that information.
  1. With spring here, many families are heading to picnics and potlucks. To make sure you get your dishes back, attach a stick on label to the dishes you bring with you. The labels can be removed later relatively easily, but will serve their purpose beautifully for the time being.


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Many people with sensitive skin find that traditional labels, including clothing tags, sew-on labels and even iron on labels irritate their skin and can become painful after a period of time. Iron on ink transfers and letters are the perfect alternative for those with very sensitive skin, as they don’t add any additional fabric or stitching that can rub against the skin and cause irritation.

Both the iron-on Letter Transfers and Ink Transfers bond permanently with the fabric, resulting in a permanent, non-itchy label.  The Letter Transfers are available in both black and white for light and dark colored clothing, and the Ink Transfers are available in blue and pink and are designed to be used on light-colored clothing only.

These labels are particularly useful for small children or elderly people, who tend to experience skin sensitivity more often. It’s Mine Labels products are designed to last – the labels will not wash off nor fade over time.