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Many people with sensitive skin find that traditional labels, including clothing tags, sew-on labels and even iron on labels irritate their skin and can become painful after a period of time. Iron on ink transfers and letters are the perfect alternative for those with very sensitive skin, as they don’t add any additional fabric or stitching that can rub against the skin and cause irritation.

Both the iron-on Letter Transfers and Ink Transfers bond permanently with the fabric, resulting in a permanent, non-itchy label.  The Letter Transfers are available in both black and white for light and dark colored clothing, and the Ink Transfers are available in blue and pink and are designed to be used on light-colored clothing only.

These labels are particularly useful for small children or elderly people, who tend to experience skin sensitivity more often. It’s Mine Labels products are designed to last – the labels will not wash off nor fade over time.

Labels for Seniors

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As your loved ones get older, they can start to become forgetful. Whether they live in an assisted living home or simply like to visit the park, they may start to find that they are forgetting their things or getting them mixed up with their friends’ belongings. Labels from It’s Mine Labels can greatly help diminish the confusion, grief and loss that comes with growing older and becoming more forgetful. Here are three essential labels for seniors.


  1. Sew-on woven labels can have block lettering that is easy to read, and allows you to easily identify valuable clothing without adding a bulky or uncomfortable tag.  Sew-on clothing labels can also be removed if necessary.


  1. Iron-On satin labels are extra smooth and soft, and are perfect for those with sensitive skin.  A range of lettering styles, colors and icons is available, and they are very easy to attach to clothing and linens.


  1. Stick-on Standard labels are perfect for most other hard possessions, including pill bottles, toothbrushes, knitting supplies and more. The labels are simple with one or two lines of text, and will not wash off or deteriorate when exposed to heat or moisture.

Organize Your Children’s Shoes

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Shoe racks may be perfect for you and your older children, but they may not be the best idea for your younger child’s closet. Younger children tend to climb on anything above the ground, which makes shoe racks the perfect recipe for disaster. One easy, colorful way to make sure your child’s closet is safe and organized is with It’s Mine Labels nylon drawstring shoe bags.

The nylon shoe bags are available in eight different colors, including red, pink, blue, green, white and black, and are ideal for organizing shoes. They are also perfect for other uses, including gym bags, travel, picnics, daycare and more, and since the bags are machine washable as well, they can be used for outdoor activities without too much concern for keeping them clean.

The bags measure six and a half inches by twelve inches, and cost $16.50. They come with a shoe logo and one line of text, which allows you to customize your bags for each member of your family.

Labels for Your Bag

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Whether you are trying to keep track of all of your child’s bags or you need an easier way to recognize your suitcase when it’s coming off the belt at the airport, bag tags from It’s Mine Labels are a perfect way to label your things. Bag labels come in several different styles, including original bag tags, fun bag tags and fun mini bag tags.

Once you choose the bag tags you need, there are many different designs to choose from to personalize the tags, and several lines of text can be added to each tag. The tags themselves are made from tough plastic material that is similar to the plastic that credit cards are made from. Each tag can be attached to your bags either with a clear rubber band or a small chain.

These bags can be personalized for any age, from infant to senior citizen, and add fun and functionality to your bags, sports bags, instruments, and more.

Do You Need Labels for Hard Objects Fast?

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It’s Mine Labels doesn’t just provide labels for clothing and crafting items; we also have a line of stick-on labels for hard, smooth items that are waterproof, tear-proof and dishwasher safe. Whether you have a child leaving for camp in a week and you forgot to label their toiletries or you need to be more organized around your home, we have the labels you are looking for.

The Stick-On Standard Labels are simple and easy to read, and are printed and shipped the fastest, allowing you to begin labeling much sooner than with other labels. They are ideal for pillboxes, shampoo bottles, lunch boxes, sports or camp equipment, sippy cups and baby bottles, backpacks and more, and there are three different color and font choices currently available. A fun icon can be added as well, and a pack of 50 labels costs just $14, while 100 labels is available for only $20.

Whether you already have a hankering to label or you are just exploring new organization techniques, these labels are unbelievably convenient and helpful.