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Custom Woven Tags and Labels

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Most often, custom woven tags are clothing labels that promote a designer’s brand or which personalize the clothing with a name label. These woven labels are permanently affixed to the clothing by being sewn in or ironed on. Hand-sewn or machine-sewn, woven clothing tags have an embroidered design with plenty of visual appeal. Combine your custom design with a professional look. Woven labels on a quality satin fabric are just what your clothes need to feel like they belong.

Various sizes, styles, colors, and fonts are available with It’s Mine Labels. Get a custom woven tag or label at a great price for your order size.

Clothing Hangtags

As opposed to labels attached directly to clothes, a more common type of clothing tag is the hangtag. Clothing hangtags are the labels that are attached to clothing, most often with twine or plastic ties, and are intended to be removed after purchase. These tags typically include the price, barcode, size, store name, or other descriptive information for the clothes. The temporary nature of these hangtags mean they’re usually made from paper, and the information and design are usually printed on.

Again, higher-end woven tags are usually only used for the sew in or iron on labels that are a permanent part of the clothing. One reason for this is the cost of embroidering text and icons on the labels, but there is also a limited amount of information woven labels can support. When trying to make price, size, name, and other information easily readable on a single label, print designs are best. This is also why laundry care labels are printed, rather than sewn on.

Custom Woven Hangtags for Luxury Brands

Pretty much all clothes and other apparel sold in a retail setting have hangtags. There may even be multiple hangtags for a single piece of clothing—one created by the retail store and one created by the fashion label. In some ways, luxury fashion labels are the exception that proves the rule when it comes to woven hangtags.

These custom woven tags are an opportunity for brands to generate free advertising and support their brand marketing. Clothing tags can have magnetic backing so they can be stuck on refrigerators. They can have simple instructions that show consumers woven tags can be sewn on to other items. Instead of just twine or plastic, these tags may also be affixed by a beaded metal chain so that they can be used as a keychain. Cultivating that sense of exclusivity and status for your brand isn’t easy, but it can also deliver tremendous value over time. More than just product development, companies want to create signals that the brand is a cut above. Custom woven hangtags are one way to accomplish this.

Discover Our Custom Woven Tags and Labels

It’s Mine Labels has a great selection of sizes and designs for custom woven labels. No matter if you’re looking for luxury brand hangtags, popular sew in labels, clothing tags for personal projects, or name ID labels, you can find what you’re looking for. From 3/8 to one-inch labels, from classic labels to designer labels, for sew in or iron on labels, for more than a dozen styles and colors, you won’t have any trouble creating the perfect tags for your needs. In just a couple weeks, these labels can be produced and shipped to your location. And at a great price. Check out our full catalogue of custom woven labels.

Custom Embroidered Labels

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Custom embroidered labels are among the highest quality products you can choose for clothing labels. Often used interchangeably with “woven labels,” embroidered labels are labels in which the design is sewn into the fabric itself, rather than printed on. (Sometimes, the term is also used to describe a special kind of thread that’s used to make the label stand out.) While print labels may use a custom design, embroidery creates a more dynamic effect that ensures the labels look like they belong as part of the clothing or apparel.

Whether you’re looking to promote a designer label or to put an extra special touch on your crafts and homemade clothes, start your search for custom embroidered labels with us.

Printed Labels vs Embroidered Labels

Different designs and applications require different kinds of labels. Embroidery isn’t the best choice for every type of label. Print labels are better for intricate designs and logos, especially for larger orders. This is done for cost control but also because the design can be copied exactly each time. On the other hand, embroidery can be a great choice for a high-end fashion house or for your personal brand or even just for handmade apparel. Don’t underestimate the ability of embroidered labels to give your clothes a sense that they belong.

Many clothing items will use a combination of different garment labels. Often, the laundry care label is printed, while the designer label is embroidered. Still trying to get your head around whether you want printed or embroidered labels? Check out the details for every type of custom clothing label from It’s Mine Labels.

Types of Custom Embroidered Labels

Whether hand-sewn or machine-sewn, these custom labels can usually be applied as sew on or iron on clothing labels. Iron-on labels are usually simpler and cheaper, but they can also be preferred for smaller and oddly shaped apparel such as hats and ties. More delicate and heat-sensitive clothing fabrics, like silk, must be sewn on. Read more about the differences and benefits of using sew on vs iron on labels.

What’s Different about Embroidery Thread?

Compared to standard sewing thread, embroidery thread is specially designed as a more loosely spun, two-ply thread. It can be fashioned from any number of materials including rayon, cotton, metallics, or polyester. The special thread design creates more of a sheen that helps the text and/or graphic design stand out. However, the lightly spun thread also creates a thicker line. For finer detail and when working with smaller labels, a more tightly spun sewing thread is preferred. For clothing patches and larger labels with visual graphics, embroidery thread can be used to great effect.

How to Design Custom Woven Labels

Keep in mind that embroidered or woven labels are only one choice among many that you’ll need to make for your clothing labels. Our custom labels come in different sizes, fonts, colors, and styles. Looking for large letters for a name label? Our ID labels are just the product for you. Looking for something basic and easy to design? Our classic woven labels are probably the right choice. Looking to create truly custom labels with your own flourishes? You’ll want to check out our designer woven labels. See all the information and product choices for our custom woven labels.

Custom Fabric Labels

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What makes for custom fabric labels? In many contexts, it’s the custom design and the style of the label, but the choice of fabric shouldn’t be overlooked, either. It’s Mine Labels works with the best fabrics available. This includes multiple options that can speak to whatever your priorities are for custom labels. A thin synthetic fabric is used for our standard labels and is great for cost-savings. A higher-quality satin fabric is used for our woven labels.

Types of Fabric for Labels

More than just promoting our own products, we wanted to provide a general overview of the different fabrics that are commonly used for clothing labels. A huge range of fabrics can be used to make labels including wool, denim, and leather, but here are some of the key categories for the most popular fabrics.

  • Woven fabric labels are high-quality and very common among commercial clothing labels. Popular woven fabrics include damask, satin, and taffeta. These thin, soft, semi-glossy materials allow for fine print, durable performance, and easy attachment. These labels can be sewn or ironed on. Read more about woven label fabric materials as well as the benefits of satin labels.
  • Other synthetic fabric labels include polyester and/or nylon, which are used for our standard clothing labels. If you don’t need the same quality as clothing and apparel designers, these labels can be a great choice for saving some money on handmade clothes and crafts projects. Standard synthetic fabrics can be used for iron on labels or stick on labels.
  • Natural fabric labels are a less common choice but can make sense for clothing labels that are committed, as part of their brand, to using all-natural materials. They do fray after several times through the washing machine. A more popular choice is a cotton/synthetic blend that can retain some of cotton’s natural softness while adding durability to the label. Read more about natural fabrics for labels.

Choosing Thread for Fabric Labels

Obviously, you’ll want to choose a color that matches or compliments the color of the fabric. If an exact match is unavailable, go a few shades darker with the thread color. That said, color isn’t the only consideration. You also want to make sure you choose a thread that will work well with that fabric.

Cotton threads work better with clothing fabrics that have little, if any, stretch to them. Cotton thread also works for more delicate fabrics. For materials with more give to them, polyester is the way to go. Also, if you’re machine sewing, you need to make sure you have thread that’s suitably rated for a sewing machine. Read more about choosing the best thread for sew on labels.

How to Create Custom Fabric Labels

Custom fabric labels are a must-have for major fashion labels, smaller boutique designers, and amateur enthusiasts alike. While the choice of fabric is important, there are several design decisions that must be made to create custom labels. Do you want sew on, iron on, or stick on label? Do you want a 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, or 1-inch size label? Do you know what font and style you want? Do you need a simple text label, or do you want a label with your logo and trademark as well? How big is your order? How big is your budget? With our range of products for custom clothing labels, you can quickly find and design the perfect labels for your clothing and apparel business or for your latest sewing project.