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Become an Expert on Custom Fabric Tags

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When you think of fabric tags, what comes to mind? For many, it’s probably the itchy tags in the back of shirts that give the size of the garment and the care information for the laundry. We take a different approach. Not only are our tags more comfortable than the itchy commercial tags we’re familiar with, but they’re also more attractive. If you are looking for custom fabric tags that will look just the way you want, while also being comfortable and discreet, we have many options to choose from.

Different Tags for Different Needs

Before we can recommend a label that’s right for you, it’s important to determine your own requirements. Our custom fabric tags are available in a variety of different sizes and styles, and one might be better for you than another. Different garments will require different materials. In order to create a high-quality result, you can choose different fabric options for your custom tags.

  • Synthetic fabric tags are used in our standard tags and are a polyester/nylon blend. These standard tags are a good choice for anyone who needs a quick and easy way to attach a label to a garment. They are good for home use and crafts, and they come in iron-on and sew-on varieties.
  • Woven fabric tags are one of our customer favorites because they offer a wide range of customizability and come in high quantities, which is perfect for small businesses. These look most like the tags you might see in a store, as they are strong fabric with embroidered lettering. These are not made of stretchy material, so they are good for cotton and wool fabrics.

No matter which fabric you use, you can rely on the quality of the materials. With these custom fabric labels, the colors will never run or fade, and the tag will not fall off in the laundry.

Designer Tags

We put most of our tags under the umbrella term of “custom fabric tags” because you can choose exactly how they look. While all of our tags have visual appeal, our designer tags have the potential to be the most striking. These tags are made of a woven fabric with embroidered lettering and are a favorite among small businesses and other professionals. Many people like to create a custom fabric tag that will match the item they are putting it on or the brand they represent. Text color can be changed on any of our tags, and we provide an array of background colors to complement any style.

Our designer tags are all embroidered using high quality thread, which comes in the full rainbow of colors. There are even options for different metallic and sparkly shades, which creates a striking effect on any background color you choose to accompany it.

How to Create Your Custom Fabric Tags

Under each type of fabric tag we produce, we offer several different sample images. Although everyone will end up with a unique result for their project, it might be helpful to use the pictures for inspiration. We also have a preview tool, so you can design your label and adjust it until it’s perfect before you add it to your cart.

Want to browse a list of the options we have available? Visit our product page for more information. Don’t forget to check out our preview tool when designing your label!

Get Custom Sewing Labels for Your Next Project

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Do you run your own business and need a way to label your garments? Hand-sewn clothes are surging in popularity again, and many people have begun selling their handmade goods through online retailers. Designer tags in the backs of shirts or other garments are a great way to add a personal touch to your clothes. Whether you’re a freelance seamstress or a small business owner, know that our custom sewing labels are sure to look attractive while offering the perfect embellishment to your garments.

Choosing High-Quality Materials

At It’s Mine Labels, we know it’s an important decision to add custom sewing labels to your projects, so we make sure our products are durable and stylish. We use high quality materials for all our labels. We have different synthetic and woven materials to choose from. You can even choose the background color with our designer labels, and never have to worry about any colors running or fading over time. They will last even after countless times through the washer and dryer.

Choosing the Right Tag for Your Project

Before you begin customizing your tags, it’s important to determine which type of sewing label will be right for your project. We want to inform you of the different kinds available, and how to choose the best tag for your project.

Clothing Tags

Different types of garments, such as baby clothes and dresses, are very popular things to buy online. Clothing labels are usually inside of the garment, so for those with sensitive skin, we have many options for flat labels and letter transfers that feel smooth to the touch. See our product page for a full list of our iron-on labels.

If you want to add even more personality to your tag, it might be fun to create a designer label! Designer tags are woven fabric with embroidered text and a favorite among clothing makers.

Quilts and Bedding

Quilts are truly a labor of love, as they take a long time to make and are treasured for years. When you attach your custom sewing labels onto a quilt, you will probably want to create a discrete label for the underside corner, and choose one that will not distract from the design. Quilts don’t often see a washer and dryer, so you might prefer an iron-on label. We have several different satin labels in black and white, and other standard labels that are customizable.

Knitting and Crochet

Woven goods like hats, scarves, and mittens are popular in the winter and usually aren’t washed and dried until the end of the season. If you want fabric tags to stay where you put them, then consider a woven tag which will complement the material. Iron-on tags work best with flat fabrics, so you will find sew-on labels are better suited for your purposes.

How to Create Custom Sewing Labels

When you design a custom label with us, every detail can be adjusted to your liking. In our woven labels, you have a choice of fabric color, thread color, and even different fonts. Our fabric tags are embroidered using high quality thread. When you design your label, you’ll want to think about the best thread color to go with the tag color. Don’t forget, these tags are usually sewn on the inside of clothing, so don’t be afraid of trying out some of our creative colors. We offer the full rainbow, and even have some fun shades with sparkly finishes.

Preview Tool

It’s Mine Labels works hard to make your designs come to life. To help you visualize your choices, we offer a preview tool so that you can tweak your design to your liking. With this unique program, you can input all your choices from color, font, and even a small image or icon. You can see how all the different elements come together to make the label you need.

Want to give it a try and start designing? Check out our product page for a full list of our custom sewing labels, where you can find additional sizes and styles. Don’t forget to preview your label before adding it to your cart.

Custom clothing labels for small businesses

What Makes for the Best Clothing Label Makers?

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It’s now easier than ever for a designer or artisan to sell their clothing online. One of the ways to elevate your product and attach a professional, finishing touch is to add a label to your clothing. With It’s Mine Labels, we supply a line of custom labels and tags that are the perfect way to finish off your garments with value, convenience and quality. Discover what makes us one of the best clothing label makers for custom name tags and personalized labels.

The Best Clothing Label Makers

It’s Mine Labels produces a wide range of custom labels and tags that make a lovely addition to any type of clothing.  Our labels are elegant and professional. They are an ideal addition to a designer clothing line or to promote your brand. Our labels also have a personal look and are a great way to add a lasting personal touch to handmade gifts or products. As a label maker for clothes, we’re proud to offer support to many different boutiques and small businesses by creating high quality products that serve professional clothing lines and handmade goods.

High-Quality Tags

We seek high quality materials that are strong and durable. It’s one of the reasons we’re a favorite among small businesses as clothing label makers go. You can trust that we take quality control very seriously. Our fabric labels are made to last and will not stretch or fade over time. We have a wide range of customizable iron-on labels and sew-on labels, so everyone can take advantage of the quality labels we have available.


Over the years, our clothing labels have become a favorite among people that want to determine exactly how their label looks. Do you need a large, printed font that’s easy to read? Or maybe you want a delicate script embroidered in your favorite color. No matter what your purposes are, we supply options for everything.

Customer Experience

The experience of the customer is very important to us. We value what our customers have to say and have years of testimonials to back it up. One of the reasons we are such a highly rated clothing label maker is the way we understand our customers’ needs. With It’s Mine, we want to make sure that the result is exactly what you had in mind. Often, our customers need to get clothing labels for their children, or family members who are entering a senior living community. You want to make sure that their possessions don’t get accidentally misplaced or lost in the wash. We take special care to be sure that these needs are being met too, and everyone can have a label that they can easily read, while showing off some personality as well.

Start Making Your Own Clothing Label

If you ever have any questions about our products, we make ourselves available to answer questions over the phone and by email. You can also read our blog to learn about different aspects of the tags we carry in stock. We value customer support and information, as well as quality clothing tags and labels.

Want to find out more information about our company and our policies, or ready to see the labels we produce? Visit our product page for descriptions of our labels as well as sample pictures and label preview tools.


Name Labels for Clothing

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Most everyone can benefit from name labels for clothing. Mix-ups happen, but with our stylish, elegant labels, these mix-ups can be quickly fixed or avoided entirely. Don’t worry. No matter your skill level in sewing, we have an excellent label for you. With It’s Mine Labels, you don’t need to sacrifice style for utility! All of these options are machine washable and made out of high quality material with your comfort in mind.

Iron-On Name Labels for Clothing

Our iron-on clothing tags are a great choice for anyone that needs a durable, attractive name label that is easy to apply. It’s Mine Labels offers a wide range of comfortable, stylish options, each of which are customizable.

  • Standard Labels are easy to read and offer a choice of font and text color over a white background. The ink used to print these labels never runs or fades. These labels are made of a thin synthetic material and are smooth to the touch with rounded edges for comfort and style.
  • For those with sensitive skin, Letter Transferring is a great option. No one likes an itchy tag, but with this iron-on text, you don’t have to worry about any discomfort. Available in black or white, this unique option allows the fabric to stretch freely between each letter of your text. The tag blends seamlessly into T-shirts and other items.
  • Satin Finish Labels are a soft, smooth label and an elegant identifier to your clothing. Available in black or white, you have the option of customizing font, text color, and the choice of a small, stylish icon. These particular labels will need to be stitched in if you plan to wash the item.

Classic Woven Labels

  • Classic Woven Labels will never fade or stretch. These embroidered labels are a long-time favorite of families and businesses, because they look attractive and professional, but are totally customizable. These labels feature large print, easy-to-read block letters, and high-functioning durability. These make great name labels for clothing because they can be attached to a wide variety of fabrics and are available as both iron-ons and sew-ons. These labels are available in sizes 3/8” and 5/8”.

Sew-On Woven ID Labels

  • Woven ID Labels are a great option for small orders. They’re perfect for clothing, blankets, bedding, or other accessories. Functional and attractive, these tags are embroidered. They offer large print and are easy-to-read. Available in 1/2″ and 1” sizes.

Stick-On Labels

  • Stick-On Labels are truly quick and easy to use! They are designed to stick onto the smooth laundry care tag on a garment and last even when washed and dried – all with no sewing or ironing required. These stick-on name labels for clothing are available in a variety of fun prints and designs, perfect for children’s clothes. They also come in more minimal designs.

Snappy Tags®

  • Need a stylish option for labeling items in a hurry? Snappy Tags® can be applied with just a quick click! Available in black or white, and at 1/2” diameter, these tags are a discrete, quick way to identify your clothing or bedsheets. These tags offer simple laser cut text for a clean and easy-to-read design and are suitable for washing machines and dry-cleaning alike. These tags come with an applicator to snap them on, and will not come off unless you remove them with the applicator.

Senior living is one of the most common applications for these clothing tags, but no matter your age or skillset, we have the label for you! For more ideas and to see a wider range of products, you can check out our general resources and main product page.

Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

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Do you want an attractive clothing label, but prefer not to sew it on? Iron-on clothing labels create an easy and durable application. Take the headache out of customizing your clothing, build a personal brand, and prevent mix ups from happening. It’s Mine Labels offers many beautiful designs as part of our custom label making tool. Create a high-quality, functional label, and personalize your clothing at the same time. Our custom iron-on clothing labels are a testament to the wide range of available style options.

High Quality Labels

With iron-on clothing labels, a concern might be that the label will come off in the laundry, or lose its color over time. These are very durable iron-on clothing labels, and you don’t have to worry about ink bleeding or washing out. With our classic woven labels, all text is embroidered into the label itself. They will never stretch or fade. All of these labels create a durable application and will be just fine through the spin cycle and dryer alike!


It’s important to have a label that suits your needs. As with all of our labels, these iron-on clothing labels are fully customizable, and come with a wide range of choices in font and text color. You also have a choice of a small icon or a fun printed background. Take a little time exploring our products. Then, in just minutes, you can design a totally unique iron-on clothing label—or several—that represents you and your clothes.

Different Types of Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

There are several things to consider when designing the perfect label, such as size, design options, and if the label will be comfortable. This list of options will help you decide which is the best choice for you.

    • Standard Labels are a great place to start. These custom iron-on clothing labels are good for general use on smooth fabrics and are created with comfort in mind. The thin synthetic material and smooth finish create a seamless effect, so they are a good alternative to larger, itchy tags. The plain white background of the standard iron-on clothing label is a clean addition to any item of clothing or linen.
    • If you are looking for a professional and elegant label, you’re in the right place. Identify your items with a beautiful finishing touch with our Satin Labels. These custom iron-on clothing labels come in black or white and offer the same wide range of customization for fonts and style. Satin finish labels offer 35 attractive, minimalistic icons, and are sized at 1 7/8” x ½”. These labels are soft to the touch and made of thin material with rounded edges. These labels will look lovely wherever you iron them on, but for the best durability, they must be stitched into clothing.
    • Iron-On Letter Transfers are a wonderful option for those with sensitive skin. Your text is printed in individual letters so that when it is applied, the fabric can stretch freely around the text. Available in black or white, these labels are discreet and small, measuring at approximately 3/16” high for upper case and approximately 1/8” high for lower case letters. These transfers are great for T-shirts, as well as other smooth and stretchy fabrics.
    • One of our most popular options, Classic Woven Labels are an attractive way to identify your clothing. These woven letters are embroidered, and you have your choice of background color, text size, text color, and even an additional line of text. You also have your pick of an icon from a list of dozens. These labels come in 3/8” or 5/8”.

    It’s easy to customize the perfect label to suit your needs. These are just a few of the products we have available. Do you need large print or a special color? You’ll find what you’re looking for, along with more designs and examples on our main product page for iron-on labels. There, you can see a full list of labels, and even create and preview your own iron-on clothing labels.