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Back to School Labels

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It’s back to school time, again, meaning you and your child have either just purchased or are in the process of buying a whole new wardrobe and tons of school supply items to help support your child in their new year at school. This also means there are a lot of un-labeled items that your child is likely to misplace, forget or lose while at school for eight or more hours each day. Here are some of our favorite back to school name labels and ideal applications for them.

  • Any of our line of stick on labels, including stick-on original labels, stick-on fun labels, stick-on standard labels, and stick-on fun mini labels, are perfect for labeling the hard surfaces on many of your child’s school supplies, like markers or crayons, pencil boxes, water bottles, and more.
  • Sewing labels or iron-on clothing labels are ideal for discreetly labeling your child’s school uniform or new school wardrobe, which is especially important if they have an after school activity or a physical education class where they need to change into a second outfit. Don’t forget to also label their PE clothes or their dance outfit, as well, since these outfits tend to match those of the other kids in their activity, and are thus easy to mix up.
  • Stick-on fun clothing labels are perfect both for younger children who resist labels, and for any outfit that is exposed to frequent wear and washing, such as a sports uniform or a PE outfit. These labels won’t stain or rip, and don’t disintegrate in the wash like other stick-on labels might.