Become an Expert on Custom Fabric Tags

Become an Expert on Custom Fabric Tags

When you think of fabric tags, what comes to mind? For many, it’s probably the itchy tags in the back of shirts that give the size of the garment and the care information for the laundry. We take a different approach. Not only are our tags more comfortable than the itchy commercial tags we’re familiar with, but they’re also more attractive. If you are looking for custom fabric tags that will look just the way you want, while also being comfortable and discreet, we have many options to choose from.

Different Tags for Different Needs

Before we can recommend a label that’s right for you, it’s important to determine your own requirements. Our custom fabric tags are available in a variety of different sizes and styles, and one might be better for you than another. Different garments will require different materials. In order to create a high-quality result, you can choose different fabric options for your custom tags.

  • Synthetic fabric tags are used in our standard tags and are a polyester/nylon blend. These standard tags are a good choice for anyone who needs a quick and easy way to attach a label to a garment. They are good for home use and crafts, and they come in iron-on and sew-on varieties.
  • Woven fabric tags are one of our customer favorites because they offer a wide range of customizability and come in high quantities, which is perfect for small businesses. These look most like the tags you might see in a store, as they are strong fabric with embroidered lettering. These are not made of stretchy material, so they are good for cotton and wool fabrics.

No matter which fabric you use, you can rely on the quality of the materials. With these custom fabric labels, the colors will never run or fade, and the tag will not fall off in the laundry.

Designer Tags

We put most of our tags under the umbrella term of “custom fabric tags” because you can choose exactly how they look. While all of our tags have visual appeal, our designer tags have the potential to be the most striking. These tags are made of a woven fabric with embroidered lettering and are a favorite among small businesses and other professionals. Many people like to create a custom fabric tag that will match the item they are putting it on or the brand they represent. Text color can be changed on any of our tags, and we provide an array of background colors to complement any style.

Our designer tags are all embroidered using high quality thread, which comes in the full rainbow of colors. There are even options for different metallic and sparkly shades, which creates a striking effect on any background color you choose to accompany it.

How to Create Your Custom Fabric Tags

Under each type of fabric tag we produce, we offer several different sample images. Although everyone will end up with a unique result for their project, it might be helpful to use the pictures for inspiration. We also have a preview tool, so you can design your label and adjust it until it’s perfect before you add it to your cart.

Want to browse a list of the options we have available? Visit our product page for more information. Don’t forget to check out our preview tool when designing your label!

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