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The Benefits of Labels for School Uniforms

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Many schools now require name labels on school uniforms to help avoid the ever-growing pile of clothing in the “lost” bin. Writing names onto the clothing ruins it, meaning giving it to a sibling or child in need makes it obvious that the shirt was a hand-me-down. This is embarrassing for many children, and it can cause bullying. Purchasing labels for the clothing corrects this problem.

  1. The labels come in many styles and have the child’s name embroidered on it. Children will appreciate their own customized labels. You can choose to place their full name, first name only, or last name.
  2. Labels come in many varieties, including sew-on, iron-on, stick-on, and snap-on. The many ways to incorporate the tags make them convenient for any parent to add the tags to their child’s clothing.
  3. Options beyond sew-on labels benefit parents who cannot sew. This makes it easy for them to attach the labels to the clothing for their child. Different materials also ensure that each label will not bother a child’s skin.
  4. All labels are easy to remove, which means that giving clothing away is easy. The clothing is not ruined by the use of labels, and removing them does not take much time. When clothing gets passed on to a sibling, ordering new labels is not hard, either.
  5. Labels are ideal for parents with young children, small businesses, crafters, kids, and adults. In addition to adding names on labels, artwork and logos can be added, making the purchase extra special.

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