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Benefits of Satin Labels

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Satin clothing labels are perfect for many different applications, including children’s clothing, senior labels, and high-end boutique garments. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider satin when choosing between the many different types of custom clothing labels that are available to you:

  • Thinner: Satin labels are much thinner than other types of labels, including stick-on and woven labels. Satin thread is incredibly thin, yet strong, which allows us to weave detailed, thin, strong labels. This helps avoid a bulge or noticeable patch where you attach the label onto thin garments.
  • Details: Since satin thread is so much finer than other kinds of thread, it is often tighter knit and can have more precise details woven into the label. Delicate, intricate logos or fonts that would look muddled in woven labels come out looking flawless in satin, making them perfect for high-end garments.
  • Smoothness: Satin labels are smoother than other labels, keeping the back of your garment smooth and preventing irritation on sensitive skin. This means these labels are perfect if you want to label your baby or your child’s clothes or your elderly loved ones’ garments to help prevent them from getting lost.
  • Easy Attach: Satin labels aren’t as delicate as silk labels, meaning you can order them as sewing labels or iron-on labels. This allows you to choose the method of attachment that is easiest for your needs.

If you are looking for a label that is detailed, soft, sensitive, yet strong and easy to attach, satin labels are perfect for you.