What Makes for the Best Clothing Label Makers?

What Makes for the Best Clothing Label Makers?

It’s now easier than ever for a designer or artisan to sell their clothing online. One of the ways to elevate your product and attach a professional, finishing touch is to add a label to your clothing. With It’s Mine Labels, we supply a line of custom labels and tags that are the perfect way to finish off your garments with value, convenience and quality. Discover what makes us one of the best clothing label makers for custom name tags and personalized labels.

The Best Clothing Label Makers

It’s Mine Labels produces a wide range of custom labels and tags that make a lovely addition to any type of clothing.  Our labels are elegant and professional. They are an ideal addition to a designer clothing line or to promote your brand. Our labels also have a personal look and are a great way to add a lasting personal touch to handmade gifts or products. As a label maker for clothes, we’re proud to offer support to many different boutiques and small businesses by creating high quality products that serve professional clothing lines and handmade goods.

High-Quality Tags

We seek high quality materials that are strong and durable. It’s one of the reasons we’re a favorite among small businesses as clothing label makers go. You can trust that we take quality control very seriously. Our fabric labels are made to last and will not stretch or fade over time. We have a wide range of customizable iron-on labels and sew-on labels, so everyone can take advantage of the quality labels we have available.


Over the years, our clothing labels have become a favorite among people that want to determine exactly how their label looks. Do you need a large, printed font that’s easy to read? Or maybe you want a delicate script embroidered in your favorite color. No matter what your purposes are, we supply options for everything.

Customer Experience

The experience of the customer is very important to us. We value what our customers have to say and have years of testimonials to back it up. One of the reasons we are such a highly rated clothing label maker is the way we understand our customers’ needs. With It’s Mine, we want to make sure that the result is exactly what you had in mind. Often, our customers need to get clothing labels for their children, or family members who are entering a senior living community. You want to make sure that their possessions don’t get accidentally misplaced or lost in the wash. We take special care to be sure that these needs are being met too, and everyone can have a label that they can easily read, while showing off some personality as well.

Start Making Your Own Clothing Label

If you ever have any questions about our products, we make ourselves available to answer questions over the phone and by email. You can also read our blog to learn about different aspects of the tags we carry in stock. We value customer support and information, as well as quality clothing tags and labels.

Want to find out more information about our company and our policies, or ready to see the labels we produce? Visit our product page for descriptions of our labels as well as sample pictures and label preview tools.


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