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Best Labels for Kids

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Kids are messy, fast, and aren’t the best at keeping track of their clothes or belongings. One way you can help ensure that their belongings come home with them — eventually — is by ordering clothing labels for kids, or custom name labels. Here are some of the best kid-approved labels from It’s Mine Labels:

  • Standard iron-on clothing labels are good, since you don’t have to hand sew them on, but they are still durable and won’t peel off after washing or heavy wear. If you opt for these, you can choose one or two lines of text, a color, font, and more. These are ideal for clothing, blankets, beach or pool towels, and other cloth items that won’t be damaged by an iron.
  • If your child has sensitive skin, you can opt for iron-on satin name labels for kids. These are thin, soft satin labels that have a choice of lettering colors and fonts. Without the rougher fabric or added thread, they will not irritate your child’s skin.
  • If your child has really sensitive skin, your best bet for clothing is probably an iron-on ink transfer. With these labels, ink letter or outlines transfer permanently to the clothing. There are no edges or threads to rub against your child’s skin and cause irritation.
  • Sew-on classic woven name labels for kids are also a good option, if your child doesn’t have particularly sensitive skin. They are easy to attach, have a classic look, and can be removed much easier than any of the iron-on labels, if you decide you want to attach a different label or your child doesn’t need them any more.