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Best Uses for Iron-On Labels

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When choosing the perfect clothing labels for your garments, you have a range of options, from sewing labels, to iron-on clothing labels, to other custom name labels, like ink transfers or stick-on ones. One of the most popular types of labels is the iron-on clothing label. Here are a few of the best uses for these tags:

  • Since these must be applied with high heat, they are not a good option for more delicate fabrics, like silk or satin. They are, however, perfect for fabrics that are thicker and tougher, as it is more difficult to attach sewing labels to these items. Examples would be sheets, towels, floor rugs, and other bed and bath linens. These labels are durable and won’t deteriorate if they are exposed to harsher, more vigorous use.
  • These labels are also a good option for children’s clothing, especially if it is being taken to school, summer camp or daycare. Children tend to be slightly rougher on their clothing, and iron-on labels can take the wear, since every part of the label is bonded to the cloth.
  • These labels are also an excellent option for communal laundry situations, such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes. They are inexpensive, incredibly durable and easy to attach.

As a general rule, you should select iron-on labels for general use. Sew-in labels are better if you own a small boutique, but iron-on labels work in most other situations. They are very durable, take far less time to attach, and will look similarly classy.