Blazer Bliss

Blazer Bliss

Structured blazers were particularly in last year, and are still in this year, as well. While they never go out of fashion, necessarily, they are in again this year with outfits from formal work-wear to more casual, fashionable ensembles.

If you are looking to make or sell blazers in your shop, we recommend going for statement patterns and colors, like mint green or bold black and white stripes, in addition to stocking more traditional colors like black and white. These statement pieces help your customers compile beautiful outfits without having to purchase too many pieces.

When you order or make your blazers, you then need to consider the type of clothing label that goes best. While the classic sew-in-label just under the collar on the inside of the back of the jacket is ever popular, fold-over name labels are also popular over the bottom hem or the sleeve of the blazer. These add a nice, subtle accent to the piece and give it a slightly upscale look if your tag is designed well. Make sure you place it in a spot that, while visible, is still slightly discreet. For instance, don’t loop it over the collar, but rather on the side of the hem along the bottom so it is slightly hidden by your customers’ arms when they are down but still can be seen.

Labels can often be converted from purely functional elements of an outfit to a fashionable addition. Make sure you test your design before committing, though, if you are attaching them to large orders that are for sale. When incorporated successfully in a fashionable manner, people are much less likely to remove your label than they are if it is simply sewn into the back.

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