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Why Choose Stick-On Labels?

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With so many types of labels available, why should you choose stick-on labels for your clothes? They are the obvious choice for non-fabric items like toys, sporting equipment, iPods and dishes, but what about garments? In some instances, they simply make the most sense.

Here are some of the best times for using stick-on labels for you and your loved one’s clothing:

  • If you need to attach a label that will change in a month to a year, you need one that is relatively easy to remove. While stick-on clothing labels are incredibly durable while they are attached, you can remove them with comparable ease when you need to. Iron-on labels and sewn-on labels, on the other hand, are much more permanent. For instances where you need to label your child’s clothing with their summer camp room number or cabin, your college-aged kid’s garments with their temporary room and dorm, or your elderly loved one’s clothes with their hospital room number, stick-on is definitely the best.
  • If you are labeling your child’s clothes, and then plan to pass them on as hand-me-downs to a relative or friend’s child, it may be convenient to attach a label that you can remove before you pass them on. This makes it more convenient for you and the next owner of the garments.
  • These labels are best if you prioritize convenience. To attach, you simply peel and stick to the existing clothing label. There is no need for sewing skills or an iron, and the time for attaching is much shorter. If you mess up, simply peel and try again!