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Choosing the Right Size Label

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When you are searching for custom clothing labels, one of the biggest initial considerations is the label size. Here are a few steps to follow if you are having difficulty settling on a size for your clothing labels.

  1. First, determine and measure the largest area of the garment that you would want the label to cover, and then determine and measure the smallest area of the garment that you would want the label to cover. Establishing parameters can make settling on a size much easier, since you are ruling out many different sizes that don’t fall within those boundaries.
  1. Next, sketch out your label, complete with all information and any logos or images you want to include. This can also help eliminate certain labels, since your design may require a square label, or it may work best with a long, thin rectangle label. Oftentimes, logos or images require slightly larger labels, since the details won’t show on small labels. Now your pool of potential labels has shrunk even more.
  1. Search through the available sizes of labels and choose the one that best fits your design and your size wants. If you need help selecting one because you are unsure how large or small you should go to best convey your information on your clothing labels, you can always call and speak to a label expert.
  1. Now all that is left to do is select the size, input your design, and order the correct amount of clothing labels that you need for your garments or your shop.