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Clever Uses for Extra Shoe Bags

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In addition to name labels, It’s Mine Labels also sells other organizational products, including shoe bags. Nylon drawstring shoe bags are perfect for keeping shoes organized, but they can have many other convenient uses due to their durability and size as well. Here are a few of our favorite unconventional uses for them:

  • Use them as a mini laundry bag while travelling. They are much more convenient than bringing along a large laundry bag, and are the perfect size to store dirty socks and underwear between washes.
  • Use them to organize your child’s small toys, like blocks or army men. This way you are less likely to find tiny toys all over the house when you clean since they have an easy, contained storage place.
  • Store dog food or dog treats in them when you go on trips. They are easier to transport than large Tupperware containers since they mold to fit in any bag, and the crumbs won’t be able to get through the nylon.
  • If your child needs to bring home sweaty PE clothes, send a shoe bag to school with them so the sweat will be easily contained.