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Clothing Labels for Kids

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There are many different things to consider when searching for clothing labels for kids, from making sure they are subtle to making sure they don’t itch. Here are some label options to consider that address typical kid complaints about labels.

  • Iron-on Ink Transfers are a good option if your child has sensitive skin since there are no edges or extra threads. These labels don’t cause any extra irritation and are durable enough to last through many trips in the washing machine.
  • Custom woven labels, as with many of our other labels, can be designed in a manner that is subtle enough not to cause your child embarrassment if their friends see the labels. Use softer colors for the fabric and thread so that they are noticeable but don’t stick out.
  • If your child is easily embarrassed, consider attaching the labels to unobtrusive parts of their garments. For instance, just inside the shirtsleeve instead of inside the neck, or on the bottom of the garment by the hem. This way, the labels can still be found if your child leaves their clothes somewhere, but they won’t be noticeable if someone isn’t searching for them.