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Clothing Labels and Logo Labels

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Clothing Labels and Logo Labels

Your main custom clothing label is often placed on the hem of your clothing or at the back of the neck of shirts. Its main purpose is to indicate where the clothing item came from, what size it is, its fabric content, and other similar information. If you are looking for a way to brand your clothing items, and you want an additional label that does more, you may want to consider adding a logo label. These labels are often sewed more prominently onto the front of your garment, and act both as a fashion addition and a name label to brand your items.

Here are several stylish ways to attach logo labels so that they add to your garments, without detracting from the overall design:

  1. Many thin woven logo labels can be attached to the front of the bottom hem, and simply look like a stylish design that is characteristic of your clothing line.
  2. You can also design sewing labels so that they cuff over the center of a shirtsleeve. These labels look fashionable, but often only work with more informal shirts. If you sell formal garments, you may want to consider sticking to an inside-the-garment label.
  3. If you sell jackets with hoods, you can loop the label over the hood, similar to how you can loop it over the shirtsleeve in the style above.
  4. If you have a logo that you don’t mind running larger, you can go bold and sew it directly to the center of the chest of the shirt. This works better for infant garments, since the logos tend to be cuter.