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Cool Apparel Labels for Spring

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One way to really make sure your company stands out this spring is to attach cool clothing labels that separate your garments from those sold by your competitors. Here are some of the coolest custom clothing labels and hangtags for this season:

  1. Key Chains: Adding key chain hangtag give-always is a perfect way to generate goodwill and excitement among your customers for spring. Create key chains that feature your company logo, or opt for a more neutral spring flower or ocean wave. Either way, your key chain hangtags are sure to be a hit with customers. We recommend you create several different ones to prompt shoppers to purchase multiple garments and collect all of your key chains. You could also attach a promotional sale, where customers who purchase all key chains receive a free gift or discount.
  2. Artistic Hang Tag: Take the time this summer to design a vintage or artistic hangtag that will be noticed by customers for the aesthetic. These need not have any purpose beyond decoration, and will likely elevate your garment in customers’ minds.
  3. Leather: Leather name labels are stylish and unique. Given the popularity of leather in fashion right now, they are also very trendy with customers. Faux leather options are more affordable, but either way customers will take notice and appreciate the effort.
  4. Sticker: Adding special stickers that advertise your company or feature your logo are a perfect way to promote your business and generate customer satisfaction at the same time. Many younger customers will put these on their notebooks, laptops or bags, meaning many people will see them.