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Creative Place Card Label Ideas

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Planning holiday meals or dinner parties can be fun since they give you so many opportunities to be creative. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve found for unique place cards using labels like It’s Mine Labels stick on labels.

  • If you like baking and have an abundance of cake decorating tips, order stick on labels, place them on a fancy place card or an attractive cut out from a baking item box, such as a cake mix box, and use a decorating tip as the base to hold the card up. The tip will have to have spiky ends so that the card can be held fast.
  • If you regularly have the same people at dinner parties or family meals, order sew or iron on labels and attach them to cloth napkins. Then, fold the napkins in a fancy pattern and place them at the respective person’s seat at the table.

If you order a particularly attractive stick on label, you could attach it to a tea light candleholder and place a lit candle at each place at the table.