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Creative Uses for Stick On Labels

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You’ve labeled your elderly loved one’s pill boxes, your scrapbooking tubs and your child’s Sippy cups, so now what can you do with the leftover stick on labels you have? Here are a few creative ideas to use up all of your It’s Mine Labels stick-on labels.

  1. Use them as “this book belongs to” labels. This way, when your friend borrows your book or children accidentally drop their own book in the return slot at the library, you will easily get it back.
  1. Stick on labels can be used as personalized gift tags. Instead of attaching a to/from label or a small card, use your stick on labels to convey that information.
  1. With spring here, many families are heading to picnics and potlucks. To make sure you get your dishes back, attach a stick on label to the dishes you bring with you. The labels can be removed later relatively easily, but will serve their purpose beautifully for the time being.