Custom Embroidered Labels

Custom Embroidered Labels

Custom embroidered labels are among the highest quality products you can choose for clothing labels. Often used interchangeably with “woven labels,” embroidered labels are labels in which the design is sewn into the fabric itself, rather than printed on. (Sometimes, the term is also used to describe a special kind of thread that’s used to make the label stand out.) While print labels may use a custom design, embroidery creates a more dynamic effect that ensures the labels look like they belong as part of the clothing or apparel.

Whether you’re looking to promote a designer label or to put an extra special touch on your crafts and homemade clothes, start your search for custom embroidered labels with us.

Printed Labels vs Embroidered Labels

Different designs and applications require different kinds of labels. Embroidery isn’t the best choice for every type of label. Print labels are better for intricate designs and logos, especially for larger orders. This is done for cost control but also because the design can be copied exactly each time. On the other hand, embroidery can be a great choice for a high-end fashion house or for your personal brand or even just for handmade apparel. Don’t underestimate the ability of embroidered labels to give your clothes a sense that they belong.

Many clothing items will use a combination of different garment labels. Often, the laundry care label is printed, while the designer label is embroidered. Still trying to get your head around whether you want printed or embroidered labels? Check out the details for every type of custom clothing label from It’s Mine Labels.

Types of Custom Embroidered Labels

Whether hand-sewn or machine-sewn, these custom labels can usually be applied as sew on or iron on clothing labels. Iron-on labels are usually simpler and cheaper, but they can also be preferred for smaller and oddly shaped apparel such as hats and ties. More delicate and heat-sensitive clothing fabrics, like silk, must be sewn on. Read more about the differences and benefits of using sew on vs iron on labels.

What’s Different about Embroidery Thread?

Compared to standard sewing thread, embroidery thread is specially designed as a more loosely spun, two-ply thread. It can be fashioned from any number of materials including rayon, cotton, metallics, or polyester. The special thread design creates more of a sheen that helps the text and/or graphic design stand out. However, the lightly spun thread also creates a thicker line. For finer detail and when working with smaller labels, a more tightly spun sewing thread is preferred. For clothing patches and larger labels with visual graphics, embroidery thread can be used to great effect.

How to Design Custom Woven Labels

Keep in mind that embroidered or woven labels are only one choice among many that you’ll need to make for your clothing labels. Our custom labels come in different sizes, fonts, colors, and styles. Looking for large letters for a name label? Our ID labels are just the product for you. Looking for something basic and easy to design? Our classic woven labels are probably the right choice. Looking to create truly custom labels with your own flourishes? You’ll want to check out our designer woven labels. See all the information and product choices for our custom woven labels.

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