Top Three Reasons to Use Custom Garment Tags

Top Three Reasons to Use Custom Garment Tags

Custom garment tags can play several different important roles for your clothing labels, depending on your design and intent. Garment hangtags are so useful that many companies would deem garments useless without them. Still, it’s not enough to simply check off this box. Plain white hangtags with a dated font is a missed opportunity. More than a chore, you should see the design of your custom hangtags as one of the resources at your disposal for marketing your store, building your brand, and increasing sales over time.

Here are three of the top reasons to use these custom garment hangtags in your store:

  • Information: This is perhaps the most common use for hangtags. They provide essential information for customers, such as the price, garment name, size information, and a barcode that allows you to track inventory and sales in your store. These hangtags tend to be simpler because their function is primarily for sale and inventory. You could also include product information or company information, such as a short anecdote or company history, or a snippet about the fabric you use or the quality you strive for. Customers tend to appreciate the personal touch and will feel like they know your company better than if it had simply contained a size, price and barcode.
  • Branding: Custom garment tags and clothing labels are a perfect way to reinforce your style and brand and can help to create a cohesive company image for customers. Include your normal logo and colors with a clean design if you are intending on using your hangtag for branding purposes. In contrast, more established brands shouldn’t be afraid to come up with a couple different variations that can keep their brand fresh. You’ll also want to print the design on a thicker, higher-quality paper for hangtags that are meant to reinforce the brand. In an ideal scenario, a young customer might take your garment hangtag and reattach it to their backpack or other fabrics.
  • Promotional: These labels tend to be more than just a hangtag. They may be extra promotional items, like sticker hangtags or key chains. These are the perfect way for you to give your customers a little something extra and cultivate goodwill. This is increasingly common as a way of distinguishing your clothing store and encouraging customers to make an emotional connection to your brand. Customers will remember the gesture and be more likely to return to your store.

Other Custom Garment Tags

In addition to basic security, snap on garment tags are a great organizational tool for hospitality sites, garment and apparel-based businesses, and even larger households where snap on tags can help organize the laundry. Sew in and iron on custom labels are even more important for branding your clothing labels and product lines. Various sizes and designs create endless options for creative flourishes, while still making for easy-to-read custom clothing labels.


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