Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

Do you want an attractive clothing label, but prefer not to sew it on? Iron-on clothing labels create an easy and durable application. Take the headache out of customizing your clothing, build a personal brand, and prevent mix ups from happening. It’s Mine Labels offers many beautiful designs as part of our custom label making tool. Create a high-quality, functional label, and personalize your clothing at the same time. Our custom iron-on clothing labels are a testament to the wide range of available style options.

High Quality Labels

With iron-on clothing labels, a concern might be that the label will come off in the laundry, or lose its color over time. These are very durable iron-on clothing labels, and you don’t have to worry about ink bleeding or washing out. With our classic woven labels, all text is embroidered into the label itself. They will never stretch or fade. All of these labels create a durable application and will be just fine through the spin cycle and dryer alike!


It’s important to have a label that suits your needs. As with all of our labels, these iron-on clothing labels are fully customizable, and come with a wide range of choices in font and text color. You also have a choice of a small icon or a fun printed background. Take a little time exploring our products. Then, in just minutes, you can design a totally unique iron-on clothing label—or several—that represents you and your clothes.

Different Types of Custom Iron-On Clothing Labels

There are several things to consider when designing the perfect label, such as size, design options, and if the label will be comfortable. This list of options will help you decide which is the best choice for you.

    • Standard Labels are a great place to start. These custom iron-on clothing labels are good for general use on smooth fabrics and are created with comfort in mind. The thin synthetic material and smooth finish create a seamless effect, so they are a good alternative to larger, itchy tags. The plain white background of the standard iron-on clothing label is a clean addition to any item of clothing or linen.
    • If you are looking for a professional and elegant label, you’re in the right place. Identify your items with a beautiful finishing touch with our Satin Labels. These custom iron-on clothing labels come in black or white and offer the same wide range of customization for fonts and style. Satin finish labels offer 35 attractive, minimalistic icons, and are sized at 1 7/8” x ½”. These labels are soft to the touch and made of thin material with rounded edges. These labels will look lovely wherever you iron them on, but for the best durability, they must be stitched into clothing.
    • Iron-On Letter Transfers are a wonderful option for those with sensitive skin. Your text is printed in individual letters so that when it is applied, the fabric can stretch freely around the text. Available in black or white, these labels are discreet and small, measuring at approximately 3/16” high for upper case and approximately 1/8” high for lower case letters. These transfers are great for T-shirts, as well as other smooth and stretchy fabrics.
    • One of our most popular options, Classic Woven Labels are an attractive way to identify your clothing. These woven letters are embroidered, and you have your choice of background color, text size, text color, and even an additional line of text. You also have your pick of an icon from a list of dozens. These labels come in 3/8” or 5/8”.

    It’s easy to customize the perfect label to suit your needs. These are just a few of the products we have available. Do you need large print or a special color? You’ll find what you’re looking for, along with more designs and examples on our main product page for iron-on labels. There, you can see a full list of labels, and even create and preview your own iron-on clothing labels.

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