Custom Name Labels Make Presents Special

Custom Name Labels Make Presents Special

Adding clothing labels makes kid’s clothes special and helps to keep clothes with their owner. The labels can indicate a name or even a brand custom-designed by parents. Parents can choose labels of any shape or size. Aside from clothing, the tags can be used for just about anything else.

With the holidays fast approaching, being prepared is important. Instead of buying gift cards for the children, consider buying boutique clothing, and sewing in custom nametags. This gives the kids awesome clothes that are unique. Even if you make the clothes yourself, the custom labels make the outfits truly special.

Making clothes at home and having labels created that feature your daughter’s name would be a great surprise for her. Each label can feature a special message in addition to the name or name of the design. Small images can also be added, such as flowers and animals. Depending on the size of the label, you can fit up to three lines of text and a few images on each one.

You have the choice of several types of labels. This includes sew-on, iron-on, stick-on, and snap-on labels. The type of label you choose depends on the type of material and clothing item you plan to put it on. In most cases, a sew-on label is acceptable, but if you plan to donate the item or give it to someone else later on, consider choosing a different type of label, such as a snap-on one.

For more information on custom clothing labels, contact us at It’s Mine Labels.

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