Custom Printed Clothing Labels

Custom Printed Clothing Labels

Custom printed clothing labels are an essential resource for many clothing businesses and boutiques. There are many kinds of available clothing labels including tagless ink transfers and woven clothing labels. Woven labels have a classic, elegant feel, and tagless ink transfers are great for very basic label information. Meanwhile, printed clothing labels are coveted for their versatility and affordability. These labels don’t have the same constrictions that woven labels have. Intricate logos can be reproduced almost exactly on these labels since they are being printed instead of stitched or woven. If you’re considering a more intricate label design, you may want to choose a printed label over a more traditional woven one.

Best Tips for Custom Printed Clothing Labels

  • Many stores will choose custom woven labels for their main label, and printed labels for the clothing care information. The words will be clearer and easier to read. This can help you avoid liability if a customer should damage their garment with improper care. If you choose a woven label or substandard print label and the instructions are unreadable, you may be liable for any damage.
  • Even when liability isn’t a primary concern, the clothing company’s reputation is likely to suffer if the label is unreadable or wears off. At the same time, custom printed labels can help bolster a clothing company’s brand. More than intricate logos and clothing care instructions, these labels can be used to indicate eco-friendly practices and fair labor standards.
  • More than just packing in a bunch of information, take advantage of smaller, more discrete labels. Companies looking for a minimalist approach that highlights the fabric and pattern of the clothes themselves generally prefer printed labels. It’s Mine Labels offer great labels in a variety of sizes.
  • Look your design over one final time before placing your order. You don’t want to spend weeks or even months agonizing over the design just to let a typo slip in at the last minute. Consider your clothing label needs not just for this project but for future ones. You can get a better price per label when placing a larger order.

Custom printed clothing labels are the perfect choice for many different applications. Make sure you research the clothing label printing company before you place your order. Poorly printed labels may not last very long, or the words may become smudged very quickly. Reliable printing methods for labels include thermal printing, hot stamp, computer generation and flexo printing. It’s Mine Labels uses only high-quality printing methods.

Most custom printed clothing labels are designed to be iron on labels, but some applications like personalized name labels are also popular with printed designs and stick on labels. It’s also possible to get sew on printed clothing labels. When combined with a high-quality satin fabric, sewing in these labels can create a professional look that rivals the classic choice of woven designer labels. Explore our different kinds of custom clothing labels and quickly create the perfect print designs for your clothes.

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