Hangtags and Other Custom Tags for Clothing Lines

Hangtags and Other Custom Tags for Clothing Lines

When planning your clothing line, you must worry about several different types of custom clothing labels. These include the clothing label with your company information, the garment sizing and fabric information, and a sewing label with care instructions, but they also include the removable hangtags with barcodes and prices. You can’t overlook the design of these hangtags when marketing your clothes. In some respects, custom tags for clothing is every bit as important as your sew in labels.

The ways in which you might change and customize the brand label tend to be more obvious, but we encourage our clients to get creative about their custom tags for clothing, as well. Nothing looks more boring and listless than the simple plastic attachment and stark white hangtags. The little bit of extra effort and funding that you put into creating a hangtag with personality will go a long way in establishing your store and brand as an upscale boutique, instead of a cheap clothing store.

Here are some ways in which creative hangtags make for custom clothing tags that will make your designs stand out, increase your sales, and build your brand:

  • Change the method of attachment. Instead of using plastic, use string, hemp or another dyed or natural fiber. This customization creates perhaps the biggest difference in the tone set by your hangtag. It also has the most options. If you are creating a natural, green clothing line, hemp is the best way to go. If you want a family-friendly tone in your store, choose pastel-colored cotton ribbon or string, instead. The choices are endless.
  • Change the tag attachment. Now that you have a better method of attaching your tag to your garment, you need a better method of attaching your string to your tag. Punching a hole is passé and means the tag can tear off easily. Choose metal grommets or safety pins, instead, to create a more refined feel.
  • Change the design of custom tags for clothing. Now that your tag is attached in a better way, change the tag from boring white paper to something more exciting. You can choose colored paper, textured paper or natural fabric. Anything is better than cheap white paper for custom clothing tags.

Because they convey essential information about the clothing item, hangtags are often the first impression that your clothes will make, aside from a customer seeing it on a mannequin or display rack. Plain, white tags might seem like they make for easy-to-read information, but the simplest option isn’t always the best one, especially when you’re trying to create a memorable experience with your brand. With so many clothes and so many clothing lines to choose from, customers are waiting for several positive signals and impressions before making up their mind to buy. Make sure your clothing line tags are working for, not against, your company.

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