Custom Woven Clothing Labels

Custom Woven Clothing Labels

Custom woven clothing labels can be an essential addition to clothing items and other apparel for any number of reasons. Major fashion labels, boutique clothing makers, merchandisers and even many amateur seamstresses are interested in the visual appeal and durable performance of woven labels. Not to mention senior living communities, schools, sports teams, kid programs, and institutional employers.

It’s no wonder that embroidering the design on a high-quality satin fabric makes a difference when it comes to clothing labels. Custom woven labels stand out with a dynamic texture, while also being comfortable to wear. The label looks great on the clothes themselves, while also promoting the fashion brand. When properly cared for, these labels can also last for generations as part of a hand-crafted item that is destined to become a family heirloom.

Types of Custom Woven Clothing Labels

What makes for a great custom woven clothing label? It depends who you ask and what you’re looking for. Do you want large, easy-to-read lettering? Do you want enough space for multiple lines of text? Are you looking for a few dozen labels or a few hundred? Do you want to include an icon or logo? Do you want to include a trademark symbol?

It’s Mine Labels offers several different types of custom woven labels that can best address your individual needs and priorities.

  • Classic Woven Clothing Labels: Made with quality materials that won’t fade or stretch and embroidered designs with plenty of visual appeal, our classic woven labels are available in 15 different styles as well as a huge combination of letter and background color options. In addition to clothing, these labels are great for linens, gifts, and craft projects. Available in quantities of 100-pack labels, our custom woven clothing labels are a great choice for people who want labels for their current project and for future ones. Find more detailed information about our 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch classic woven labels.
  • Designer Woven Clothing Labels: These labels offer additional design options. Along with slight variations to and an expanded selection of labeling styles and colors, our designer woven labels allow for different styles with each line of text. The other big difference with our designer clothing labels is the size of your order. Get what you need for your next designer project at a great price by checking out are different quantities for 1/2-inch and 1-inch label sizes.
  • Woven Name Labels for Clothes: Not all clothing labels are about the clothing maker or fashion label. For large families, for summer retreats, for anybody who lives in a community with shared laundry and shared closet space, we have labels specifically designed to make your clothes easy to identify as your own. These larger labels are available in 1/2 inch and 1-inch sizes to make the lettering easy to find. Because name labels are personalized, we offer a wider selection of ordering sizes. However, you’ll still get a better price the more you order. Consider not only how many personal name labels you need for right now, but also for the clothes and group settings in your foreseeable future.
  • Iron-On Woven Labels: The timeless look of sew in labels isn’t for everybody, especially when you figure in the convenience of iron on labels. The embroidered look of woven labels is what’s most important to a lot of people, whether it’s for their own personal clothes or for their clothing business. Attach more labels in less time and with less effort with an iron and ironing board. These labels are designed to be permanent and may be difficult to remove without damaging the clothes, but most woven labels are never removed from clothes anyway.

Especially if you’re not sure what type of label is right for your next project, It’s Mine Labels encourages you to look at all of our custom woven labels.

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