Customization as a Trend

Customization as a Trend

Product customization has always existed in the marketplace to some degree; however, custom offerings have gained popularity in recent years. From ordering a special coffee at your local cafe, to tailoring your clothing with custom woven labels, customization provides countless options for consumers and allows them to have a say in the design process. Customization also benefits the manufacturer, as it allows a business to differentiate from their competitors and stay ahead of consumer trends.


Types of Customization

Customization is popular across many industries, and makes for a range of exciting choices for consumers, for example:


Clothing: One of the most popular industries for customization, there are many ways to make your outfits match your personality:


  • Customization Software: Advances in technology have made elite software available for a variety of consumer uses. For example, companies like suit makers Knot Standard offer sizing software that integrates with a customer’s webcam. The application virtually scans the body, allowing for a precise custom fit, and makes it easy for the customer to visualize the end result.
  • Custom Details: Many online shops allow customers to pick from a selection of design options, like patterns and swatches, to custom-build clothing and accessories to their specifications. For example, Vans and Nike allow customers to design their own footwear using a drag-and drop color editor to customize the sole, upper, and laces of each shoe, as well as embroidery to add a name or saying, to make the shoes match your personality. Other companies, like Levi’s jeans or Longchamp leather goods, allow basic customization, such as signature design details including tailored fit, unique clothing labels, or monogramming.
  • In-Person Specs: Some shops, such as shoe company Left Shoe, offer in-person sizing using traditional methods, as well as advanced 3-D scanning to ensure a perfect fit.


Food & Drink: Perhaps the most common form of customization comes in the world of food and beverage. When you order a modified drink at your local coffee shop? That’s customization!


A more specific form of customization, for example, is offered by M&Ms, allowing customers to write their own candy message on each chocolate. Other food companies implement technology to prepare a meal to a customer’s exact specifications using touch screen computers. Fast food giant White Castle recently rolled out this introduction in select markets, and Taco Bell launched something similar last year when it introduced its smartphone app that enabled customers to order food exactly how they want it at any location.


Benefits for Manufacturers

Consumers love customization because it allows them to get the product they want without spending time and money making the product themselves. Customization is also beneficial to each company that offers it, as it’s another form of R&D that can illustrate exactly what core customers want. This allows companies to hone their product line and stay ahead of the competition.
In today’s retail climate, customization is a popular trend for allowing the shopper to have exactly what they want. It’s Mine Labels offers custom clothing and woven labels to add personalization to your favorite clothes and accessories. To learn more about It’s Mine Labels, call us at 1-866-695-2235.


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