Details, Details, Details

Details, Details, Details

The key to success usually lies in the details. A sundae is not good without the cherry on top, clothing designs are made stronger with extra attention to detail, such as the type of stitching and the width of the hems, and custom name labels are no different. You can have a wonderfully creative clothing name label design, but if you don’t pay attention to the details, it won’t turn out quite like you expect.

First, you want the label to look complete and creative, overall. This means, when you look at it from a distance, the design should still hold and create a pleasing shape at which to look. If it looks blocky or clumsy, change up your design to account for this.

Next, look at the thickness of your lines and the complication of your overall design. If your logo is too intricate or delicate, it may not come out looking very clean. You want to make sure your lines are thin enough that they won’t blur together, and your font is clear enough that your text can be read at a smaller size on your custom clothing label.

Finally, make sure you don’t have too much information on your label. If you include your company name, the garment’s size, your logo, your store website and phone number, your small label is likely to start looking too crowded. You have two options if you run into this issue: choose a larger label, or include less information.

Whatever problems you run into, make sure you pay extra attention to the details, and your labels are sure to turn out fine.

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