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DIY Essentials

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If you have a love of crafting and often make fiber and textile art or clothing items for your family members, you need equally creative and beautiful labels and tags for your items. It’s Mine Labels offers a variety of clothing labels to fit any need, from scarves, to sweaters, to mittens, to stuffed animals, and beyond.

Here is a range of some of the best sew in labels, iron on clothing labels and other kinds of labels from your hand crafted items:

  • Sew on classic woven labels are available in a range of sizes, including 3/8” and 5/8”, and have text embroidered in colored floss right onto the label. You can choose to have as many as three lines of text, can include a selection of styles, fonts, colors and icons, and can order them in quantities of 100. These labels are perfect for linens, clothes, handmade items and other textile crafts, and since they are sew-on, they can be attached to knitted items that are less solid, or delicate items like silk, just as easily as cotton or wool.
  • The classic woven iron-on labels are similarly useful, but work on clothes, linens, crafts and handmade items that are hardy enough to be able to hold up under the heat and pressure of an item. The features on these labels are similar to those on the sew-on labels, but they are longer lasting, since the process of attaching them bonds the label to the cloth in a manner that is meant to be permanent. These labels are also available in a satin variety for those with sensitive skin.