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DIY Sewing with Laminated Fabric

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Sewing with laminated fabric is not easy, but it is possible to use it for your projects. You can make all kinds of durable snack pouches with this type of material. You can easily add clothing labels to the outside of the pouches, but first you have to learn how to sew with the material.

  1. To sew with laminated fabric, you need to have a Teflon foot. The BERNINA Company makes these in several sizes. The #52 one is the best for this type of material. It is narrow, which allows for an easy top stitch, and wide enough to place the needle wherever needed.
  2. Always use the Teflon foot when doing top stitches. Always stitch as close to the edge of the fabric as possible, but you can move the needle, if need be.
  3. Any other feet that you need to use will catch on the laminated fabric. To remedy this, place a piece of tape on each part of the foot that has to touch the fabric. Sewer’s Aid also works in the same way.
  4. If the coated fabric is facing the feed dogs, it will get stuck. To avoid this, sew tissue paper onto the fabric. Just pull it off when finished.
  5. The sewing needle will leave holes in the fabric. You can unpick, and then run an iron over the fabric (using a buffer) to close the holes.
  6. The coated fabrics cannot touch while pressing. To avoid this, use a buffer in between, or else the fabric will melt together.

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