Ease an Aging Parent’s Transition with Name Labels

Ease an Aging Parent’s Transition with Name Labels

During your lifetime, you are going to face many difficult decisions — and one of the hardest you will face is the decision to move your aging parent into an assisted living facility. Aging is part of life and, at some point, your parent may need more care than you can provide at home. When it is time for the big move, consider adding name labels to your parent’s belongings and clothing. This will help to ensure that her personal things are never lost.

Here at It’s Mine Labels, we understand the importance of keeping personal things close, especially when transitioning into an assisted-living facility. That is why we offer a wide selection of labels to help keep those personal things where they belong — with your parent. Our clothing labels can be ironed or sewn on to different pieces of clothing and linens. We also offer snap-on labels, which can be quickly attached to tags.

Our selection of stick-on labels are perfect for personal belongings, such as books, folders, and larger items, such as TVs and radios. You can also use our stick-on labels for allergy awareness to ensure that your parent is protected from allergic reactions. We have labels suitable for every possible item. With everything labelled, your parent will never have to wonder what happened to her favorite shirt or her favorite book.

Our labels can be personalised in a number of ways, including font size and lines of text. This ensures a stylish label that will not compromise the look of a treasured outfit. Contact us today at It’s Mine Labels, and let us help you transition your parent with ease.

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