Easy Snack Baggies

Easy Snack Baggies

Make use of your extra name labels for a cute snack baggie project. For the inside of this bag, you’ll be using a laminated type fabric called Eco-PUL. It is waterproof and solvent free, which means it is safe to use. Only prewash the cotton outer material you use; the Eco-PUL does not require prewashing.

You’ll need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric 16″ by 8″; one must be Eco-PUL
  • Fabric clips
  • Knits needle
  • Polyester thread
  • Velcro

Steps to follow:

  1. Use a plate to trace a curved edge on the fabric. Cut the fabric along the curved edge.
  2. Clip the right sides together and sew around the fabric, leaving a small opening.
  3. Press with an iron to flatten it, and then cut along the half circle for turning.
  4. Turn the fabric on its right side.
  5. Fold the fabric approximately 3/4 of an inch from the start of the curved part. Clip it in place, for the time being.
  6. Choose the spot to put the Velcro, and then sew it or iron it on.
  7. Sew the sides in place. This will seal up the side that you left open to flip the fabric on the right side.

That’s it! You can make each one of these in less than 30 minutes flat. Use the little pouches to store cookies and other snacks in a lunch box. You can play with the measurements, and make larger bags the same way; just convert the measurements for larger sizes.

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