Easy Ways to Incorporate Labels into the Lives of Children

Easy Ways to Incorporate Labels into the Lives of Children

As the parent of more than one child, have you ever considered using clothing labels for kids? Labels can help make your hectic life as a parent much easier. Let’s face it — when you have kids, it is a constant battle to keep track of their belongings. With labels, you can cut down on some of the confusion.

  • Labeling clothing will help you keep items separated. It will also help cut down on arguments your kids might have over a particular item. For instance, if you have two daughters that own the same kind of shirt, a label with each child’s name will prevent anyone from claiming a shirt that doesn’t belong to them.
  • Labels can also keep shoes exactly where they belong. Those shiny boots that belong to your 8-year-old daughter are a big temptation for her 6-year-old sister. Temptation can be better avoided when your 6-year-old daughter sees her sister’s name clearly displayed. Sure, she might go ahead and put the boots on, but, when her sister comes to claim them, the label will determine the rightful owner of the boots.
  • You can even go beyond labeling their clothes, and label their personal belongings. Again, this is a great way to avoid arguments. You can label their books, toys, and other special items, so each child will always know which items belong to them — and which items don’t belong to them.
  • Labels can even be helpful for teaching your child. You can label as many items as you can in your home, such as a bookshelf, the refrigerator, and the TV. Then, you can point out each label to your small child as you say the item’s name. This is a proven technique of teaching your child to associate the letters with the item. Eventually, he/she will know the word by sight. If you have small children or a special needs child, labeling can help you become your child’s first teacher.
  • One more great use for labels to help your children is on food. If you let a child have free run of the fridge, you increase their risk for childhood obesity. However, with labels, you can add a label to the foods which they can eat. For instance, if you have certain after-school snacks for your kids, you can add their name to each snack. Then, once the snacks are gone, your kids will understand that they cannot eat anything else. Labels will help you keep track of what your kids are eating, and they will help keep your children from arguing over snacks.

Labels and children practically go hand-in-hand. Children thrive when there is structure in their lives, and labeling can help you create a structured environment. From personal belongings and clothing, to food and household items, labels can make your life and the lives of your children a little bit easier. So, if you are the parent of one or more children, then contact us today at It’s Mine! We can help you sort through our large selection of quality labels, and choose only those that will fit your needs.

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