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Easy Winter Coasters

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Winter is the time of year when you pull out all the decor featuring snowflakes, Christmas trees, and snowmen. If you do not have decor, you can make it. If you plan to give any of your creations away, consider adding name labels to them, so that your family will always remember who the gift came from. A cool, but quick, project you can make at home produces winter-themed coasters.

  1. Spend some time digging through the remnants at the fabric store for winter-themed colors and prints. You only need each side of the material to be 5 1/2 inches. This gives you enough room to make errors, without affecting the coaster design. Also, pick up some batting while you are out buying material.
  2. Cut all of the fabric squares so that each side is 5 1/2 inches. Cut the batting so that it measures 5 inches on each side.
  3. Place the fabric with the right sides touching and a piece of batting on the top. Use pins to secure the material together.
  4. Start sewing around the edges about 1/2 inch in. Make sure to leave 2 inches of one side open. Trim the fabric around the edge.
  5. Turn the coaster inside out to push the batting on the inside. Tuck the edges in around the hole and stitch around the whole coaster again.
  6. Make four of each design. Stack all four coasters and tie a ribbon around them to finish the project as a gift.

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