Enjoy Overnight Visits with Labeled Belongings

Enjoy Overnight Visits with Labeled Belongings

Overnight visits to a friend’s home are always fun for your child. He gets to pack a bag of clothes and a few toys, and head off for the night. It’s always exciting for young children to spend a night away from home with friends. However, it may not be as exciting for you when you notice that his clothes didn’t find their way home. Fortunately, our clothing labels can help eliminate this problem!

Now, It’s Mine Labels cannot prevent your child from being forgetful. However, we can help make sure that the friend’s parents realize that a shirt, pair of pants, or other item belongs to your child. We offer a large selection of labels that you can easily add to your child’s clothes. The labels can be snapped on, sewn on, or ironed on. These are not ugly labels — they are stylish and personalized. You can add your child’s name and any other information you want to include.

We also have stick-on labels that can be used to label any other items he takes with him on his overnight adventure. A label on a cherished toy will ensure that if it doesn’t come home with him, it can be easily tracked down — which means a happy child and less headache for you! There is no reason why your child can’t enjoy a night away from home while you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing his belongings will come home.

Contact us today at It’s Mine Labels and check out our selection of children’s labels. You are sure to find one that fits your needs!

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