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More Essential Custom Labels for Crafters

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Crafting handmade garments for your loved ones, including knitted scarves and sweaters, sewn quilts, dresses, and other garments, is a cherished art. Ordering and attaching custom clothing labels can help make these garments even more complete and memorable. We provided several examples of perfect labels for crafters in our previous blog, including designer woven labels, custom woven labels and iron-on labels. Here are a few more options, if you are looking for perfect crafting sewing labels and other labels for clothing:

  • Iron-On Satin Labels: These labels are available in white or black, and are perfect for garments that are created for people with sensitive skin. They are thin, soft, and easily attached to garments. They are also perfect for thin garments where thicker woven labels would create an unsightly bump.
  • Sew-On ½” Woven Labels: Sewing labels are ideal for knitted garments, since iron-on labels don’t attach nearly as neatly as sew-on labels do. Choose a natural thread, like hemp, for a beautiful nostalgic feel.
  • Iron-On Standard Labels: These labels are general purpose, thin, and durable. They aren’t as fancy as satin labels, but offer a choice of lettering fonts, colors, and icons, and are ideal for many different types of accessories and clothing items. These are slightly less expensive and are easy to design and attach. Consider including a personal message or date to help your loved ones remember the occasion that the garment was created to commemorate, or include a simple “I love you” to bring an extra warm fuzzy feeling.