Expanded Woven Label Selection

Expanded Woven Label Selection

Woven labels are perhaps one of the most classic types of labels available, and can be quite versatile and beautiful. It’s Mine Labels has recently expanded their selection of custom woven labels so as to better meet customers’ needs.

Woven labels add an elegant finish to your garments, bringing a little bit of a classic touch and, depending on your design, a personal flourish. They are perfect for handmade items, accent factory-made items well, and help distinguish your clothing as professional and high quality, if you sell it in a small shop. Often a good label can be the difference between a high-quality boutique, and a small riff-raff shop, and woven labels are the perfect choice for attaining the former distinction.

The selection of woven clothing labels from It’s Mine Labels range in size, including 3/8”, 5/8”, 1” and beyond, and come in sew-on or iron-on varieties to give you a selection when it comes to attaching them to garments.

They are softer and, thus, don’t generally irritate people who have sensitive skin, and are available in a range of base and accent colors. Since these are a more classic option, many people opt to purchase these labels, instead of newer ones like stick-on labels. With one of the widest selections on It’s Mine Labels, the woven labels also offer the most diversity.

As always, feel free to call 1-866-695-2235 if you need help selecting the perfect label, or if you have questions about any of the available labels or label options. Design help is also available if you aren’t sure which colors go well together, or which size is best for a certain garment.

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