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Fall Value Packs

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If you are looking to update your labels for fall, then the value packs are the perfect option for you to get started. There are four different value packs available from It’s Mine Labels, which were created to help fill all of your label needs, and each pack was crafted to fill a slightly different purpose. They each contain a different combination of sewing labels, iron on clothing labels, stick on labels and name labels to help fill all of your label needs. Here are each of the four value packs:

  1. The original value pack is meant to be a multi-purpose value pack that can fill many different functions. The pack includes 60 original stick-on labels, 10 label covers for shoes, and 30 iron-on labels. This pack is most often used to prepare kids for school or summer camp, or to organize closets and storage throughout your home. Each pack costs $25, and ships in 7 – 14 days.
  1. The Fun Starter Pack comes with 20 fun stick-on labels, 35 fun stick-on clothing labels, 14 fun shoe labels and one fun bag tag, and costs $34 per pack. These packs are great for younger children who resist labels, since they can be personalized more than other labels.
  1. The Standard Value Pack has 50 standard stick-on labels, 100 standard iron-on labels and 10 label covers for shoes, and costs $32 per pack. These packs are ideal for your elderly loved ones who already live in a nursing home, or who are preparing to enter one.
  1. The Fun school/camp pack is the ultimate kid pack, and contains 20 fun stick-on labels, 14 fun shoe labels, 50 fun mini-stick-on labels, 30 fun iron-on labels, 35 fun stick-on clothing labels and 2 fun bag tags. Each pack costs $59.