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Fashion Logos

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If you are looking to create your own high fashion clothing label, your logo will go a long way toward establishing you as a professional, high-quality brand. In order to create a label that can represent your company well, and which will look good on your custom clothing labels, you need to first consider several key aspects of labels.

The most successful labels tend to be those that are relatively simple. Take as an example Louis Vuitton. The simple LV has become an icon of fashion, but it is still only two letters that have been connected. This simple, minimalistic type of logo helps create clean, crisp lines that are easily readable, and which people are happy to wear. You want your logo to be attractive enough that people want to use it as an accessory, if you hope to make it in high fashion. This way, if you were to print it on bags, wallets and other accessories, people wouldn’t turn it down for the generic option. Make sure your logo is something for which people will be willing to spend extra money.

Make sure your fashion logos are designed in a manner that allows them to work when they are altered slightly for printing on different material name labels, with different screen printing options. For example, labels often need to be printed in black and white, so make sure yours is recognizable enough that it will translate once it is gray-scaled. If your label relies too heavily on color, it will suffer when printed without color, or when printed by a company that can’t perfectly match your color scheme.