Financial Fashion Rules for Children

Financial Fashion Rules for Children

As your kids get older, you will soon see just how important those clothing labels become to them. When they are little, they don’t care what the brand name is—they just want to get out the door to play. However, as they get older, those labels start to take on some meaning, which can be harmful to your bank account. Here are some financial fashion rules for kids that can help you keep their label-watching in perspective—and save you some money.

  • Name isn’t everything — There are many instances when you can get quality clothing at affordable prices; in some cases, even free. Stress to your children how important quality is over the name brand. Instill this value from a young age, and you will have more peaceful years ahead.
  • Used can be the answer — If your kids are adamant about name brands, then consider the use of second-hand clothing. This way, your kids get the brand names they want, while you still save lots of money.
  • Be creative — When you can’t always afford brand names, be creative with the items you do have. Teach your kids to accessorize their favorite outfits to make them fresh and new. You can also teach them about mixing patterns and being clever with the clothing they already own. There are many ways to wear a black dress, so help your kids uncover their inner fashion designer.
  • Shoes are always in — No matter what labels your kids might be wearing, the shoes on their feet should always be in fashion—and you don’t have to buy brand names for feet. You can find lots of fashionable shoes for much less than name brand prices.
  • Shop clearance sales — This is a great time to stock up on some of those brand name items for a fair price. Sure, you might have to buy in larger sizes for next season, but at least your kids will have the brands they want—and you will still have money in the bank.
  • Splurge now and then — It never hurts to indulge yourself or your kids once in a while. So, go ahead and buy your daughter those expensive pants—then, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or handbag.
  • Let artistic juices flow — Finally, teach your children the value of designing and making their own clothing and accessories. They can even model some of their homemade fashions after the biggest names in clothing labels. Your kids will enjoy learning how to make fashion pieces at home and, as they get older, they may even be able to start their own small business.

Staying on top of your finances while still keeping your kids in fashion can be tough in these hard, economic times. However, with some smart thinking and honest communication with your children, you can keep everyone happy.


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