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Find Success with Ink Transfers

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Ink transfers are an excellent alternative to traditional clothing labels like sew-in labels or iron-on labels since they don’t have added thread or edges that can irritate sensitive skin. They are also much more difficult to remove, which promotes your brand awareness. To achieve success with ink transfers, though, you need to design them well. Here are a few tips that will help you create beautiful, effective ink transfers to use on all of your garments.

  • Bold is beautiful, when it comes to these labels, so make sure you use an easy-to-read bold font, a bolder color that stands out a little bit more against your garment, and a slightly bolder size, so the label is easy to see. These labels are often ideal for the elderly, meaning the size and the font must be slightly larger.
  • Less is more when it comes to these labels, so if you are going to include words, make sure you pare them down to be as concise as possible. If you are going to try to include a logo, make sure it is a minimalist one so that the details don’t melt together when heat is applied.
  • Overall, make sure you don’t make a small, complicated ink transfer. If the lines are too delicate, they may begin to peel or chip off after many washes, and they will be impossible to read even before they start to come off. Save your small, elegant fonts and logos for traditional woven labels, and make sure these really pop before you print them.