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Finishing Touch for the Holidays

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Finishing Touch for the Holidays

Christmas lights are about to be hung, trees are being prepared, and you are likely beginning to gather your Christmas gifts for your friends and family. If you like to knit or give other clothing items, consider adding an extra personal, finishing touch to your garments today, like special Christmas clothing labels.

Labels provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate a message right onto your gift to remind people of how much you love them all, throughout the year. Rather than printing simple name labels, the holidays provide you with an opportunity to be a little more creative.

Many of the labels allow for a logo or a symbol. Instead of including your normal clothing label, take this opportunity to design or select a classic holiday symbol, like Rudolph, a snowflake, or Christmas ornaments. If you want to be slightly more abstract, choose a single Christmas light, a cardinal bird, or a snow-frosted window.

As far as text goes, we recommend adding a message. It can be as simple as “I love you,” or it can be more involved, such as telling the person what they mean to you. You need to make sure to edit your message down to a few words, or two short lines of text, so they will fit on the label, as well.

If you are attaching the labels to knitted items, like scarves or sweaters, you most likely want to go with woven clothing labels. These labels have the right feel for handmade knitted items, and will hold up well over the next few years of use.