Five Kid’s Belongings that Should Be Labeled

Five Kid’s Belongings that Should Be Labeled

Kids can be forgetful, so take the necessary steps to avoid misplaced belongings. It’s as simple as using iron on clothing labels before sending your child off to band practice or camp. Including your child’s name, and possibly contact information, in a subtle yet easy-to-find place can easily prevent loss or theft.  Here are five of the most popular items that parents label for their children:


Extra Clothing

Many schools ask younger children to bring a change of clothes in case of messes or inclement weather. Avoid having those items misplaced by sewing labels inside each article. This is especially helpful during travel, such as children going on field trips or attending camp.


Players and Devices

The last thing you need is the loss of a pricey electronic. If your child frequently takes an mp3 or video game player to school, be sure to use name labels to mark their property. That way, if the item ends up in lost and found, it can make its way back to your family. This is helpful for popular devices with little design variation, such as iPods or handheld Nintendo players.


Art Supplies

Crayons and colored pencils frequently pull disappearing acts, especially in art classes or at camp. Make sure children’s supplies are held in individual containers, like marker boxes or pencil cases, and label the outside of each. It’s hard to avoid that one missing crayon, but at least it’s a start.



If your child takes daily medications or vitamins at school, use proper labeling to avoid mix-ups, or, worse yet, error. Stick on labels can be used to denote allergies and other needs, and can be placed permanently on plates, medication compartments, sippy cups, and more.


Jackets and Coats

Take special care to label clothing items that are frequently taken off and put back on as temperatures fluctuate, such as a winter coats. Children and adults alike are prone to putting a jacket on the back of a chair and forgetting about it entirely. Adding a custom woven label to frequently-worn outerwear items can help prevent them from going missing.


Miscellaneous Supplies

If you have children in daycare or early education, it’s common to pack a day bag. When dropping kids off, parents will pass a bag full of diapers, snacks, and more to teachers or caregivers. With dozens of kids at any given center, mistakes can happen. Make sure your child’s food and toiletries are properly labeled so they can get the care they need when you aren’t around. This is helpful for children with food allergies, as well: label the allergies on each food item to take the proper precautions.


With belongings prone to disappearing, be proactive and use name labels on your children’s clothing and supplies.  It’s Mine Labels offers a variety of materials for your labeling needs, from sewing labels to sticker labels. To learn more about It’s Mine Labels, call 1-866-695-2235.


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